Colleges that Stood the Test of Time

America’s university system, unlike our secondary system, is generally considered the best in the world. The United States universities have been on the forefront of much of the world’s academic and scientific advancements. Several are quite famous and surprisingly old. Here are some of the oldest.

– Everyone in the world has heard of Harvard. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, right outside of Boston, Harvard is rated the top school in the country (as per usual) and if you wanted to attend college in 1636 than this was the place to be, because it was the only place to be. Yes, it’s that old and it is the oldest school in the United States. Back then, if you wanted to attend a different school you would have had to wait 57 years for the next to open up. Harvard has become the top academic research school in American and of the top in world. It also boasts the world’s largest academic research library. Its alumni include 8 U.S. presidents, 75 Nobel Laureates and currently 62 living billionaires. Coincidentally, it has the world’s largest endowment of 32 billion.

– Next is the College of William and Mary, or The College or William and Mary. It is a public research university and was founded in 1693 under a royal charter issued by King William 3rd and Queen Mary 2nd, thus explaining the name of the college. William and Mary boasts 3 U.S. Presidents, numerous Senators, 1 Supreme Court Justice and was very influential in educating many of the United States founding father. In fact, 16 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence attended school at William and Mary. It has a long and storied history, including being part of the South during the Civil War, since it is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Unlike Harvard, its own endowments only equal a paltry 624 million.

– The year 1701 saw the birth of Yale making it the third oldest university in the United States. It also ranked as one of the top universities in the world and usually ranked 2nd in the United States. It also boasts an impressive list of alumni including 5 U.S Presidents, 19 Supreme Court Justices and 49 Nobel Laureates. Its law school is often considered the best in the country as well. Yale and Harvard have a long standing sports rivalry that culminates every year in “the game.” A college football game that is played at the end of November. It is located in New Haven, Connecticut and is 2nd on the national endowment list with 19.4 billion. Yale is also very famous for super “secret” and elite group known as the Skull and Bones, a society of Yale seniors with a very elite and limited number. Founded in 1832 the society boasts 3 Presidents, numerous ambassadors, politicians and presidential cabinet members. Official membership records were kept until 1971 but since then its members have remained a mystery.

So if you think your online school is old, think again, it could go back to the colonial times.

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