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Diabetes is a condition that causes prolonged high blood sugar. There are three types of diabetes that have been identified: Type 1, Type 2 and gestational. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin to control blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes is the most common and occurs when the body produces insulin, but the cells are unable to use it. Gestational diabetes occurs when blood sugar is elevated during pregnancy. This condition can cause many complications, but fortunately there are many diabetes treatment options available.

A high fiber diet is a diabetes cure that some doctors are recommending. This focuses less on limiting your carbohydrates and focuses more on increasing your fiber. This is especially helpful for people who are suffering from high cholesterol. Fiber helps lower cholesterol and is very helpful in weight control as well. For one thing, foods that are rich in fiber tend to take more time to chew, which gives the stomach time to register to the brain that it is no longer hungry, making fiber a helpful diabetes cure.

Pre diabetes diet comprise of Complex carbohydrates which are; brown rice, skim milk, soy milk, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, oatmeal, turnip, cucumber, whole barley and lettuce are high fiber foods which helps in digestion and also helps in maintaining blood sugar ( glucose ) at a normal level and also include different types of beans in your pre diabetes diet.

The body uses a hormone called insulin to regulate the blood glucose, or sugar, in diabetes this delicate balance is destroyed. The control of both insulin and glucose is vital because this is the main source of energy utilized by the cells of the body, cinnamon diabetes can help this. Individuals suffering with type II diabetes have a condition in which they are able to produce insulin however the body has become unable to properly use it. These patients are strongly encouraged to exercise and watch the foods consumed to aid in the control of the sugar levels in the bloodstream with proper care type II diabetes can be totally manageable. Cinnamon diabetes has recently come into the spotlight as a potentially viable therapy for diabetes with a display of regulatory properties of blood glucose and weight issues.

Treatments for diabetes insulin now comes in a different types of preparations that vary in the amount of time following injection until they start to function and the time of their action.Because of this variation, combinations of insulin are usually utilized to permit for a more tailored regimen of hyper glacemia control. Our diabetes management and Treatments for diabetes strategy should be agreed among you and your health care provider.

Desserts, snacks or any junk food should be avoided in pre diabetes diet plan because they are unhealthy to your body. There is a study that shows rice especially white can be included in pre diabetes diet but it is not good to all pre diabetic people, it is good to consult your doctor instead of following peoples, or magazines advice. To be successful in your pre diabetes diet you have to enjoy you meals, try and eat whatever you like now and then.

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