Advice About Having Caffeine During The Nighttime

Where would we be without coffee? No seriously, is there any other drink that could give us that great caffeine boost and taste so good? Starting the day without a cup or two is unthinkable.

I have to have drinks containing caffeine throughout the day to keep me motivated and able to concentrate. Those big jobs that I’ve stayed late to complete on time should have ‘caffeine’ mentioned in the credits, as I couldn’t have done them without it!

I find the evening the hardest part of the day to get through without my caffeine. Saying no as the end of a meal is particularly difficult.

Apparently, I have to fight my urge for caffeine if I want to sleep at night. The later in the day you drink caffeine, the later it’ll be before you can go to sleep, etc etc.

The experts have told us that caffeine will be in your system up to 10 hours after you last consume it. If this information is correct, we shouldn’t be drinking any caffeine any later than the afternoon. Everyone is different obviously, but this is the average time that they go off.

If you use sugar in your drinks, you will lose not only your caffeine boost but also your sugar rush; resulting in a crash. You may be able to sleep if you do this.

Try this little test to find out where you stand. If you have your last caffeinated drink at 2 pm, try it at 3pm the next day, 4pm the day after that and so on. You will then know when you can have your last coffee and still be able to sleep.

Make sure you do this carefully though in stages. Don’t jump straight to having your last coffee at 8pm. If this keeps you up all night you will have to drink it all the next day just to stay awake.

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