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Cold remedies

Have you ever found any cold remedies that really work? I’m asking because I need help. At least twice a year I develop what can only be described as a nasty cold, and I end up suffering with it for at least two weeks. During these two weeks not only can I not find any time to work, and my house is a mess. My husband is very understanding, but after a while he starts to get grumpy. My daughter wants me to play with her but I am always so stuffed up that I get dizzy and feel like I am about to fall over.

Surely there has to be some cold remedies out there that I have yet to try. Something has to work. I can take some medications that work for a while, but after they wear off I feel worse than before I took it. Since I cannot be on a steady diet of medicines while I am watching a young child, I have to think of other cold remedies to help ease my cold into something a little more bearable. When I take cold medications I get clumsy, and that is not a good thing when my daughter is so active and gets into so much trouble.

My mom has tried to suggest some rather interesting cold remedies to me, but none of them have worked like I need them to. She has told me to put a cough drop in a bowl with boiling water and to then cover my head with a towel and put it over the bowl. I swear I saw that in a movie once, and I wonder if it really works or if she is pulling my leg. She’s a nurse, so that is why I asked her for cold remedies, but she is also a smart aleck, so really don’t know what to think. I do know that it doesn’t work very well, though it does offer minimal comfort on my worst days.

There are a lot of cold remedies out there, but I fear none are made with moms in mind, or at least I should say that are not made with me in mind. Dayquil works wonders, but it also has a bad affect on my head and my mind. It makes me loopy, and I cannot concentrate while I am on it. Nyquil works at night, and so do some other meds. These cold remedies worry me though, because I cannot wake up properly if my daughter needs me. Until someone can help me, I’m afraid I must suffer through.

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