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Forget the New Year’s resolution hoopla! If you plan to drop pounds, now is as good a time as any. I take that back. Now is the absolute best time, because the sooner the better. It always pays to get on top of that exercise routine and diet plan ASAP. The last thing you want to do is gain more weight before you get stared. Your first action should be to check out the local health club fitness centers, or visit a nutritionist. So, are you ready to begin shedding those pounds and living a healthier lifestyle? Please tell me that your answer is yes. Life is already short; you don’t want to cut it shorter.

It’s debatable where to find a decent health club fitness center. Should you spend loads of cash attending the finest upper-scale joint in town, or should you purchase your own equipment? This totally depends on what you prefer. My wife and I are perfect examples of opposites. I prefer to own exercise equipment. This way I can schedule work-outs whenever I please. I frown upon driving to the gym at 8 or 9 in the evening. That routine is for the birds if you ask me. When I want to pump iron or get 30 minutes of cardio in, I don’t want to drive 15 minutes in order to get it done. My wife on the other hand would completely disagree. The woman is an avid believer in health club fitness venues. She goes gaga over our massive YMCA. It has all she needs to get her strength training and cardio regimens in each week. Did I mention that this lady can’t work-out at home? It’s like she’s drawn to the couch and becomes a vegetable. Fortunately for her there is an environment that gets her motivated.

Don’t break the bank with health club fitness center memberships. So what if one has a Jacuzzi and the other one doesn’t. How often are you going to use that thing? I know countless people who attend our local fancy gym and they never use the Jacuzzi or steam room. Consider this before you get locked into some contract. What you want is a health club fitness gym that offers the right equipment to get you in better shape. Moreover, you may want to begin with a personal trainer. These can be a bit pricey, but you can learn a great program from them and keep with it. Then it will just be you and the equipment.

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