Eating disorders

I watched something on television about eating disorders that really showed me what it was all about. I think it was on HBO and it showed the ups and downs of some women who were in treatment. Most of them were bulimic and anorexic, but I didn’t see any of them that were over eaters….

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Cold remedies

Have you ever found any cold remedies that really work? I’m asking because I need help. At least twice a year I develop what can only be described as a nasty cold, and I end up suffering with it for at least two weeks. During these two weeks not only can I not find any…

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Blood pressure cures

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Unfortunately, this is now a common condition. Most cases of high blood pressure result from poor life style practices and our diets. When blood pressure becomes high, you risk developing plaque in your arteries, which may cause heart attacks and strokes. So it’s important to monitor blood pressure….


Acid-reflux cure

Many people today are afflicted with heartburn. If they eat food that is too spicy, they get heartburn. If they sleep the wrong way, they get heartburn. If they eat too fast they get heartburn. There can be many causes for heartburn, also known as acid reflux, and the way heartburn affects people is variable…