Can Anyone Become A Security Officer?

The Security Industry Authority or SIA require all front line security guards and door supervisors to undertake specialist training courses so that you can get a licence allowing them to work within the security market. Those applying to get a licence enabling them to perform inside the security sector need to need to very first show that they have attended and passed the related SIA instruction course.

SIA training is essential on each legal grounds and safety grounds as at some point or one more, these operating as security guards or door supervisors are probably to come in to conflict with a single or far more folks. Being able to safely and professionally resolve and include such conflicts is an important a part of the SIA coaching course.

Before the introduction of SIA licensing, door supervisors or ‘bouncers’ had a less than favourable reputation, with some getting thought to be as small more than hired thugs. Wages have been low and staff instruction was virtually non existent and as a result, the part of a door supervisor was far more of an interim task instead of a profession option. Thankfully since the introduction of SIA licensing, door supervisors have gained a considerably higher reputation due to suitable training and clear suggestions.

To be able to qualify to get a door supervisor’s license from the Safety Industry Authority, one must be over 18 many years of age, pass both an identity examine and a criminal records verify and have accomplished the acceptable SIA instruction course. For door supervisors, SIA teaching involves a conflict management module and a physical intervention expertise module, at the same time as ‘common’ and ‘core’ modules.

The ‘common’ and ‘core’ modules involve the fundamentals and fundamentals with the function. This consists of being mindful with the law, wellness & security, fire safety awareness and emergency procedures such as evacuating a building. In addition, teaching in drugs awareness, licensing laws, arrest, recording incidents and crime scene preservation is also covered.

Regarding conflict management and physical intervention, the SIA training entails learning how to avoid conflict and therefore reducing personal risk, defusing conflict without resorting to physical intervention and learning from conflict; as some situations are easier to resolve the second time around. Physical intervention, commonly known as ‘fighting’ is probably the most important a part of the SIA’s door supervision courses as this teaches door supervisors how to disengage those in physical conflict without causing injury or pain, and how to escort people off the premises also without causing injury or pain.

It goes without saying just how important these latter two modules are, as improper physical intervention could result in an assault charge, which would also mean loosing ones SIA license and their profession inside the sector. These days, the once thuggish bouncer is a highly trained and fully qualified individual and an essential asset to pubs and clubs up and down the country.

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