401lb weight loss – Chris and David on ABC’s 20/20

David Elmore Smith was 630 pounds when he met Chris Powell in June of 2003. They made a pact to show the nation that the human body can lose weight safely and naturally. Using alternating patterns of nutrition delivery, daily movement and new lifestyle patterns, David lost a remarkable 401 lbs in just over 2 years. He is now a personal trainer and in the best shape of his life. This is the story of their journey…

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  1. millennialgirl says:

    great point

  2. sharpie99111 says:

    This guy is the exception. Where the hell did he get the money for a personal trainer who plans and cooks the meals, dental work, body surgery, and cheek implants?!?! Most obese people don’t have that luxury.

  3. frndofbear says:

    Oh my, he is SUCH a babe. If he weren’t 1000 miles away from me he would not be safe…

  4. “looked like a deflated balloon” LMAO

    chris and david are both smokin hot though. hope they’re doing well =]

  5. marylandman12 says:

    this makes me proud of them both! david lose many of the fat without sugery or drugs.(well to get rid of skin left over) and chris help him out so much, that it actully made me cry of having a new friend to help him out. im proud of them both.=-]

  6. seymour7ramdin says:

    my best wishes and congratulations David & Chris…god bless..u give us all hope

  7. sparrow4689 says:


  8. amazing testimony! this is very good! =)

  9. Great story! I watched the TLC show, the View video and have been to their website. I am excited for both of them and proud and impressed for David being so open with his life! Chris and David are both REAL people! Weight loss, men and friendship both were inspirational. Thank you!

  10. heylookatmeok says:

    And people say they can’t shed a couple of inches. This guy is proof that it’s very possible to lose large amounts of weight.

  11. How the f…. they did it. Incredible. He is very handsome now….really attractive guy with beautiful smile.

  12. moreno1083 says:

    His results are truly amazing. I am on diet myself, my weight is 97 kg (it was 103 at its peak). I want to weigh 74 kg.
    I have been trying to lose excessive kilograms for over 10 years (I’m 25) and finally I’ve found a diet that is working, I am not hungry at all and I’m loosing 2 kg each weak – this is called a Pierre Dukan’s diet. I really recommend you this, it’s totally working and safe.

  13. serbduder says:

    that chris powell so hot man

  14. OMG you are so hot! I hope you read this. Thank you for showing the world that you CAN do it WITHOUT SURGERY!!! People think surgery is the “easy way” and it doesn’t even work!!!! You HAVE to change your habits and your LIFE, and you did it!! Congratulations!!! I’m sure that you will have your pick of the ladies now! πŸ™‚

  15. Nice story…Gives me hope. I’ve lost a few myself. Chris Powell has a program on his site. I might follow it. It’s simple.

  16. This is awesome. Tears of joy.

  17. valwensley says:

    Wow wow wow! Amazing!!!! πŸ™‚ I am so happy for him. You’re an inspiration!!

  18. toshiba009 says:

    God bless the personal trainer, I melted when the show said the trainer didn’t charge him a dime for anything. Real man.

  19. bernlin2000 says:

    Most amazing weight loss story I’ve ever seen…I was floored when I heard that it was without gastric bypass…that amount of weight in less than 3 years is insane.

  20. kittybookitty says:


  21. jvalentine54 says:

    Simply AMAZING!

  22. ~Beautiful Story~

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