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If given the choice to sit in the stands or sit at home on the couch, the stands would probably win each and every time. There are only a few things more exciting to a sports fan than being amongst the crowd at a stadium or arena cheering their favorite team on. Television networks try their best, but nothing beats having sports tickets that put you front and center in the action. Here are a few ways to go about getting passes to a sporting event of your choice.

There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of websites that’ll be more than happy to sell you your next ticket. Often, you’ll find regular people who need to sell quick, which will land you great seats and huge savings. Individual teams also have websites where you can order directly, or that contain trusted links to partner sites and great deals.

Local grocery stores also get in the team spirit and sell sporting passes. They’ll usually have passes to all the local teams in every sport that’s in season. A stadium layout will also be available so that you can make an informed seating decision. There should also be ticket stores or chains nearby where you may also purchase from.

Another option is getting your passes straight from the stadium, however with this choice a major point must be considered. Highly anticipated games will sellout extremely fast, thus forcing you to consider other venues. Consider purchasing your pass far in advance if pursuing this option to ensure availability. It is a risky option and is certainly not meant for procrastinators.

Scalpers are another risky option, but it is available if push turns to shove and is often the most inexpensive means. A lucky encounter on game day with an honest scalper could land you passes for a price far below face value. However, a dishonest scalper may attempt to take advantage if you appear desperate. Counterfeiting is also a rising problem, which will leave you empty handed in more than one way (no passes, and lost money).

Another great way is asking family, friends, and co-workers. Somebody may have an extra ticket or in need to sell. They may also be able to refer you to someone or someplace. It never hurts to ask.

If you are the lucky type and seem to win at everything you can try entering sweepstakes. This may be your only option if you’re low on funds or the game is sold out at every venue. Radio stations host these types of contests all the time. It may be a long shot, but it’s worth the try.

Experiencing live in-person a sporting event is a rush like no other. There is so much excitement and roaring around you that you can’t help but scream. There are a variety of places where Toronto Maple Leafs tickets can be purchased including online and at the stadium. Some options are riskier and some are pricier while some require a touch of luck. The way you go about getting yours will depend on your particular circumstance and preferences. Enjoy the game!

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