Does RapidLash Really Work? Can You Have Perfect Eyelashes and Brows for an Ideal Price?

RapidLash has turned into a beauty industry phenomenon! Fashion and beauty editors, stars and blog owners all rave about the result of RapidLash. This popular product even has its own Facebook page that boasts more than 12,000 keen fans.

Best of all RapidLash is moderately priced in the constantly ever growing field of eyelash boosting serums – between $39 and $49 for a single tube. And, RapidLash is one of the few eyelash growth enhancement products approved for use on both your lower and upper lashes and even your brows. (The pricey prescription-only Latisse, for example, is only authorized to be used on your upper eyelashes.

But does it really work. Well the answer is “YES.”

In addition to countless Facebook fans and 100’s of happy users who’ve reviewed RapidLash on, DERMSTORE and other beauty sites, fashion and beauty industry giants all give RapidLash high marks. Skin Incorporated recently honoured RapidLash calling it –

“an efficacious product that enhances eyelashes and brows in a material way and is a valuable tool for medical aesthetic practices immediately enhancing lashes and brows. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.”

In its September 2009 issue, Fashion magazine listed RapidLash among its “Most Wanted” hot products and described it as “a cocktail of amino acids and vitamins that promise to make your fringe longer darker and thinker within 6 weeks of daily use.”

Even Better Homes Gardens is on-board. BG&H endorses RapidLash to mend “overplucked” eyebrows asserting –

“We used it after a shaping mishap and in two weeks hair grew back fuller than before.”

The ingredients in RapidLash are safe and don’t cause the damaging side effects connected with Latisse, the prescription only eyelash enhancer. The truth of the matter is RapidLash is backed by medical tests and has been ophthalmologist and skin specialist tested and revealed to be safe and non-irritating.

So what’s in this awesome product?

A useful blend of amino acids, the building blocks of protein that help raise the appearance of volume and rejuvenate lashes.

Sodium Hyaluronate a water-binding ingredient that helps lashes appear healthier and shinier.

Biotin/Vitamin H, part of the group of B vitamins, a vital nutrient with fortifying benefits that helps protect lashes against breakage.

Panthenol Provitamin B5, a recharging moisturizer and a calming agent.

There also are several ingredients that help buttress and moisturize your lashes.

As with any beauty product some people might be sensitive to one or two of the ingredients in the formulation. If you believe an allergic reaction discontinue use and talk with your healthcare professional immediately. In the event of close contact with the eye, wash the eye with lots of water. If irritation from close contact occurs and continues, consult with your healthcare professional as fast as practical.

So here’s to long eyelashes and sexy eyebrows and – most critically – too lashes and brows you are able to afford.

Pai Tai is a 1 writer and blogger who writes about beauty, fashion and eyelash care. If you’d like to grow longer eyelashes naturally, Pai ‘ s article and beauty pointers will certainly help. Pai writes and her articles and eyelash care product reviews can found around the planet wide web.

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