An Overview About Ganglion Cyst

What is ganglion? In human anatomy, ganglion refers to the body tissues when accumulated in the joints and tendons in the hands, wrists, and feet which is one of the main cause for mild pain sensations in the area.What is ganglion cyst? A ganglion cyst is fluid-filled jelly-like substance that is commonly located near the joints and the tendons in the wrists, fingers, and feet. The cyst has a spongy liquid sac. Inside the cyst is a jelly-like, clear, thick and sticky fluid. The main cause of ganglion cyst development is idiopathic.These may be painless and benign; usually, it will go away without any medical interventions.

The pain may be throbbing quite than prickly and may increase with movement. Also, these are most commonly seen in individuals who have medical problems in their tendons and joints, who have chronic disease like osteoarthritis, and who have repetitive movements in their hands, wrists, and feet. However, these cysts can disappear and reappear any time. It might be firm, soft, and it might also differ in size. Some cases of ganglion cysts could cause numbness and pain. This would occur when the cyst already presses the nerves.

Physical examination is enough in diagnosing ganglion cysts. Some instances, the doctor may recommend other types of diagnostic and imaging test like MRI or the magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, and x-rays to examine more on the characteristics of the ganglion cyst. One of the best method in examining ganglion cysts is no other than the aspiration technique wherein the doctor uses a syringe with aspirating needle, then he will be taking out a small amount of fluid before it will be examined in the laboratory.

Ganglion may reappear,and wrist damage or bone fracture may result if the person tries to do this. Soon after the aspiration is done, a steroid is injected to treat inflammation. Keep in mind that the ganglion cysts may reappear any time soon after the aspiration technique is done.

But, a lot of people would still ask what is ganglion, what is ganglion cyst, and what are the available treatments for this type of medical condition. As you can see, ganglion cysts don’t have any known cause and there were recommended standard measures to avoid the development of the cysts, but its very significant for us to maintain a healthy life just like exercising regularly, for us to attain optimum circulation of the blood and thus maintain a good physical shape.

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