A Brief Guide On How To Become Pregnant

Congratulations! So you’ve made a decision to take the giant step into becoming a parent. Although it is one of the most significant things an individual can do in their life, it’s also the most challenging and the first challenge is conceiving. Many of us presume that after they stop taking contraception they will instantly conceive. Our bodies are a touch more intricate than that and this guide on how to get pregnant will give you tips on the best methods and the timing to get pregnant.

Important things first

The very first thing you need to do when you make the decision to have a baby is to visit your gynecologist. This is a critical step as you will need a German measles vaccination if you have not had one already, and to be sure you are receiving enough folic acid to help prevent birth defects. The gynecologist will also answer any of your questions and will offer you further tips on how to get pregnant.

When to do it

The most suitable time is contingent upon your ovulation cycle. Your ovulation period lasts 6 days “the first five days before and leading in to the sixth day in which you ovulate “and it’s in this time at which you are most fertile. Your ovulation period is usually halfway between your menstruation cycles which for most ladies is about 14 days before their next period is due. This is generally the ideal time to become pregnant but if it doesn’t work for you, another tip is to wait till days 10 and 18 of your cycle (day 1 is the 1st day of your period) and have intercourse every alternative day during this time. This way, intercourse and ovulation are sure to coincide.

At-home ovulation kits

If you’d like to be more exact exact, you can buy an at-home ovulation prediction kit which uses your body temperature to determine whether or not you are ovulating. It is claimed that when you are ovulating, your body temperature increases by 0.8 degrees. These kits can give you a warning from one to one and a half days ahead as to the best time to conceive.

How often?

A typical concern for those whom want to know how to get pregnant is how frequently to try. It is a fact that the more often a man ejaculates, the lower his sperm count, becomes. So , those that are trying for a baby often have sex less often to build his sperm count. Nonetheless this is not mandatory. Although the sperm density may be lower, it is still usually high enough for pregnancy to happen. The best tip is to make love when you need to. Remember that having a baby should be very enjoyable as well , so try not to focus too much on how frequently and when. Naturally people who are only having intercourse once a week will noticeably lessen their chances.

Still Not pregnant?

If after a month or 2 you are still not pregnant, do not panic! If you were previously on birth control pills, it can take time before your cycle is regularized which can delay the conception. It may also be tougher for smokers to become pregnant so if you are a smoker, another tip on how to get pregnant is to cut back or stop smoking. If you are very seriously concerned about your incapacity to become pregnant and these tips have not helped, then you might need to consult a gynecologist.

Remember though that you must take time and have fun! Don’t focus too much on the goal of how to become pregnant and you’ll be suddenly surprised when it finally happens.

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