A Good Vegetable Diet for Weight Loss

Veggies are one of the best things you can eat when you’re trying to lose weight, or simply trying to improve your health. They contain plenty of fiber and nutrients that can help forestall disease. Eating 3 to 5 portions of veggies a day will assist you in losing weight simpler and quicker, have more energy, and improve your digestive function.

However , if you are not a veggie lover, you could be thinking, “yuck”. FEAR NOT! Here are three pain free ideas for adding more veggies to your diet:

– Pile them on a sandwich.

If you usually have sandwiches for lunch, you can add a serving or two of veggies to them simply. Commence with a basic sandwich of your choosing, like turkey breast. Then pile on a variety of vegetables that you like, or at a minimum can put up with.

Try thin slices of tomato, onion, mushroom, or cucumber. Or add a small handful of baby spinach or a lettuce of your choosing. Then add a seasoning you like, such as fat free mayo, spicy mustard – or you may also drizzle on a tiny bit of lo-calorie salad dressing.

– Stir-fry them.

A stir-fry dish with crispy vegetables and lean protein can be quick and delicious, particularly if you add a mouth watering sauce on top. Your local superstore should have lots of bottled and powdered flavourings you can add to make the veggies tastier.

– Sneak them into other foods.

You may sneak vegetables into other foods so you do not even notice they are there. For instance, try adding a cup of pureed broccoli or squash to tomato sauce; or add some pureed pumpkin to a casserole; or small broccoli florets to stew. The meatloaf I make has a lot of shredded celery that you can’t even taste. If the flavours in the key ingredient are strong enough, those small bits of veggie are hardly obvious.

If you get into the habit of including veggies in each meal and snack, you start to become used to them and not mind them so much. And these added vegetables can help fill you up, you won’t be hungry so frequently and your health will improve with the unique nutrition only vegetables can provide.

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