Why a Diet for Figure Competition is Essential

While working out and body building techniques are a critical piece of the figure competition lifestyle, a diet for figure competition is equally as important, if not more so.

For quite a while now ladies have been engaged in figure competitions. It’s a kind of art within the eyes of most of the people because of the specific tone that’s developed by way of the life-style. It actually is true when they proclaim that you are what you eat. Hippocrates is well-known with regard to his quote “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food”. Thus what exactly is the objective of this sort of diet program?

To Get Lean: One of the most important parts of figure competition training is to get lean. This means that you need to do the opposite of starving yourself and instead feed yourself every three hours. You should be eating no less than six meals a day that are void in foods that will spike insulin levels such a breads, pastas, and fatty foods like bacon and dairy.

The Counting of Calories: The standard principle to adhere to, would be to eat twelve — sixteen times your body weight. Therefore for example, if you weigh a hundred thirty five lbs you’d need to strive to eat about 1,620 – 2,150 calories on any of your diet for figure competition programs you go with. However you are possibly going to really have to do just a little exploration on your own to be able to find the right balance pertaining to your specific requirements. Specially depending upon your certain workout strategy and how much cardio you will be getting in.

The Nutrition: In relation to proteins you must eat 3/4 of a gram for every lb which you weigh if you are trying to acquire muscle tone and performance. A minimum of 65% of your diet program should originate from carbohydrates in the form of fresh fruits, whole grains, and fresh vegetables. Less than 10% of your diet regime ought to contain any fat plus the greater part of these fats should originate from healthier food items such as nuts, seeds, and fish or perhaps fish oil. Remaining alkalinized and also effectively hydrated throughout this time is likewise quite vital. Take in 1/2 ounce of water for every lb you weigh, thus in the event you weigh two hundred lbs then you’d drink a hundred oz. of water. For you to remain alkaline just quickly add 1 to 2 freshly squeezed lemons into your everyday intake of water.

Your own individual exercise competition preparation work you choose to do is going to merely depend on whatever you discover to perform very best for you personally. If you wish to lose fat you will need to add a lot more cardio in your every day program and trim down the carbs some until you’ve achieved your required fat profile, depending on your ultimate goals, as well as your distinct diet for figure competition.

Lisa Harnell has made a career as both a successful fitness trainer and competitor and also as an Internet researcher and blogger. Lisa has helped develop a number of figure competition diet plans for many women competing in the industry from beginners to experts. She loves assisting other women with their figure competition prep and celebrates all women who are dedicated enough to live the lifestyle of a fitness or figure competitor.

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