6 Reasons To Enjoy Protein Powder

Protein powder is getting more popular by the day. When it comes to protein sources, using protein powder can add so much value to your life. We are always on the go, having something that is not only easy to use and convenient, but healthy is a great option for a busy lifestyle. Below are 6 reasons why protein powder is a great option.

Ease of Use. Protein powder is so easy to use! You can store it in all kinds of containers and traveling with it is really easy. It can be mixed with a spoon in a glass or a magic ball protein shaker.

Allergic Reactions. Some people have allergenic reactions to a variety of protein sources. Especially dairy based protein powders. One of the best solutions to this issue is rice protein powder. It is 100% hypo-allergenic and is a delicious way to enjoy a protein shake. You can get all kinds of flavours from all kinds of brands. One of the most popular types is organic brown rice protein.

Builds Lean Muscle. Protein powder is also great for increasing the lean body mass on our bodies. If you are exercising, following your workout there is nothing better than a whey protein shake. It will help repair muscle tissue, reduce muscle soreness and overall help you recover better for the next workout.

Vegetarian Lifestyle. Not eating meat can pose a serious problem for many vegans and vegetarians. Protein is such an essential nutrient that our bodies need and often it can be difficult to get the required amount. Luckily there are many non-dairy vegetarian protein powder sources available. The most common choice include, rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein, soy protein and even pumpkin protein.

Weight Loss. Skipping meals is something we are all guilty off! Using a protein shake as a meal replacement to fit in between your regular (or irregular meals) can help ensure you are getting the recommend 6-8 small meals a day. By consuming calories (eating or having a shake) more frequently, you keep your metabolism more active throughout the day and end up burning more calories.

Wellness Benefit. Protein powder is not just for increasing your daily protein consumption or building muscle. There are many additional health benefits as well. Soy protein is used by many women to help manage estrogen levels. Hemp protein has healthy omega 3 oils in it that boost your mood, improve your skin and overall help your heart and cardiovascular system. Finally whey protein has been shown to really be a great immune booster as well.

At the end of the day there are numerous reasons to use protein powder. Its ease of use will consistently keep it in the hands of those looking to get protein on the go. If you suffer from allergies, being able to still have rice protein makes things so much nicer. The muscle building benefits are there to help everyone at all ages keep strong and fit. For the vegans and vegetarians out there looking to get a healthy protein source, look no further than protein powder. Add all those things plus help in losing weight combined with all the health benefits, protein powder is a home run and it is something that everyone and anyone can benefit from!

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