Acne Clear With Home Remedies

There are many natural acne remedies that you can use from home in order to clear up your skin. Many of them are very helpful and beneficial in clearing up your skin and others aren’t so much. In this article I am going to share with you what I have learned and what helped me clear up my acne and what made it worse so that you can make better decisions to clear up your acne faster.

The first thing that I highly recommend that you use is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is an amazing remedy for acne. It’s a liquid that cleanses the pores and kills the bacteria on the skin that causes acne to grow and spread. This is important to understand what it does, it’s a liquid that helps cleanse the skin and kill the bacteria which is very important for clear skin. There are many treatments on the market that claim to do this but if they are not natural then they won’t be nearly as beneficial or work as fast as apple cider vinegar.

The next thing I recommend you try out is mud or clay masks. These do a great job of tightening the pores and helping to exfoliate the skin real well. This is important because you need old dead skin cells to leave and not clog up the skin. When your dead skin cells become stagnant they clog the pores and cause the body to create more acne because those clogged pores are acne breeding grounds now.

Diet is so important for clear skin, your diet plays a huge role in how clear your skin is and how healthy you are. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and your diet directly impacts and plays a role in that. I recommend that you eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and make sure that you eat them raw and organic, this way you get the most nutriton from them and this feeds your skin with the best health that it deserves.

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David “The Skin” King

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