200lbs RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS !! Dave the Raw Food Trucker VIDEO #14

LIFE-REGENERATOR.com * http * SHOP.life-regenerator.com * Dave the Raw Food Trucker! VIDEO #14 of my weekly chats w him! Raw Food Weight Loss—Juice Recipes for Healing—Raw Food Diet—Vegetable Juicing— For those new to this series, check out preceding videos here bit.ly & this quick backgrounder on Dave’s amazing story of natural healing!: My friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker tells his story of how he came from the brink of death to heal himself of several diseases including colon cancer, type …

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  1. feliciasturn says:

    thank you so much for this whole series of vids. a couple of years ago i made a statement about wanting to be “high” off of incredible vibrant health, rather than other options that get you “high”…and watching this reminded me of this statement i left behind…i’m inspired now- and ironically i’m a produce manager at a natural food co-op. how much more fitting could this be! THANKYOU

  2. green2lean says:

    Dristiman, I find it hard to take your seriously, but if you are serious, please take the chip off your shoulder. A lot of us men are reared such that we don’t show emotion or love toward other men. What Dave is saying is that this diet has allowed him to explore love and energy and break free of the societal chains that have been place upon many of us.

    Dave is saying that many of us were taught if you express emotion with a man that is a homosexual act. Now he is free of that.

  3. dristiman says:

    As a queer person,i’m offended and ask what does feeling union with others and nature becouse were clearing obstacles have to do with being gay??? energy doesnt have a gender,sexuality or prejudice,it just is (ALL) please apologise

  4. annie46664 says:

    Dave ~ Do yourself a huge favour & buy a copy of Suzy Ward’s latest book “My communications With Animals” – it’s mind blowing & will teach you a great deal about how animals minds work.
    See: matthewbooks . com for more info on this book.

  5. annie46664 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS with love & LIGHT from South Africa Dave!
    What an awesome feat. 🙂
    [email protected]~

  6. fleurdelaurier says:

    i was saying i cut my hair completely and then in the afternoon, i went out and i remember the sun and all that stuff, but i spent about 15 minutes under the sunlight walking down the streets and suddenly i started to feel the heaviness of my head and then i felt better and better,maybe my third eye opened up too…i don’t know it is strange…and i agree with dave that it can scare the crap out of you when these stranges things happen…that gay thing too is weird to me,the vibrations too…

  7. fleurdelaurier says:

    there is another thing i’d like to say…when your third eye opens up, you can start to watch things around you under the sunlight, above all under the sunlight and you will see the vibrations of all the things surrounding you.Last but not least, i had long hair and i cut them this summer and when the sun was heating everything i remember all the sunlight and my head was heavy, and then after 15 minutes i started to feel better and better…maybe the third eye opened up too with the sunlight…

  8. Achillesreborn says:

    Wow, Dave’s a new man! Congratulations dude I tried kombucha the other day, it’s pretty decent. Must be hard to start a juice feast but like everything it gets easier and easier. Keep it up!

  9. skymeadow08 says:

    Great to see you again Dave and thank you Dan The Man for bringing him to us again. LOVE the Third Eye thing-wow so cool to think this is possible and would love to experience it.

  10. SusanBessette says:

    Love you, Dave.
    And Dan and LLK for bringing all this to us.
    Dan, thank you for this channel. I see your subscription numbers continue to climb.
    Blessings and health.

  11. My reply would be that you are ascending your physical body. If you would like to hear more about these vibrations please visit my youtube page 🙂 . .

  12. StarFlower99654 says:

    Awesome, motivational, inspirational and pure Bliss & Joy; that is how my video visits with Dave and Dan are!!
    Much Gratitude & Love!!

  13. riverotears1971 says:

    You know this is the first time i have hear another raw juicer say he felt vibrations like this! I feel my entire body vibrateing! am i crazy or is it the fresh vegis in my blood stream?

  14. you mean how young! ^^

  15. What worked the best for me was not even sweating the acne. The less you think about it the better off you will be, trust me. That among plenty of exercise and keeping the skin clean and open. (No creams, lotions, or things like that) Also, when you are in the shower, switch the water from hot to all cold and back to hot, this is very good for the skin and hair. Best of luck to you!

  16. How old is Dave?

  17. terrin855 says:

    What an amazing journey. It is difficult to find Raw Restaurants from phone book adds . Could you possibly list the ones you have visited and let Krista add them to the sight? You are awesome! terrin855

  18. Dave mentioned his third eye opening and the associated vibrations. I’m wondering if he is also feeling the inner, cellular vibrations of his own transformation taking place. I’ll post a video response to (some of) what I have been experiencing -and trying to share with people to calm them a bit through all this.

  19. Juliethelittlegypsy says:

    Dave, looking good sexy!

  20. fleurdelaurier says:

    third eye opened…well this is what i had… i had to stop raw foods because i didn’t even know what was happening to me and that gay thing came acroos my mind too…
    so it is true,i am a weirdo if dave tells it too

  21. get that last word Dan!

  22. drzenchiro says:

    The BEST videos on the net Dan, THE BEST!

  23. Hey Dave!!! Good to see ya!
    Keep it up!!
    You have a lot of fans on here!
    Cheers man.
    Hope to see you again in a video soon!
    Very inspirational!

  24. lol raw food makes ya gay lol i love ya dave! you too dan and krista

  25. craigrgill says:

    Cool guys! Hey, does Dave know how famous he is??? 😉
    Going slow if you feel you need to is imprortant with any changes to your health especially if you are quite ill with low ‘vitality’, and this should be monitored and the intensiveness of the intervention altered as you go along. I think the guys are doing a great job of coachinfg Dave in the way a good naturopath would. Excellent work!

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