Is there a difference between prescription potassium & over the counter potassium supplements?

My mother is 50, and has been prescribed potassium supplements by her doctor. It is pretty costly, and we were wondering if buying an over the counter potassium supplement would be as efficient or if there is something different that would make it less efficient.

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  1. homertime says:

    the over the counter products have such a small amount of potassium in them that she would have to take several daily to equal each prescription tablet that it would be more expensive to take the over the counter pills

  2. versantly says:

    purity & strength would be the 2 main factors. see if they are covered by insurance & available for $4. the best supplements (not the Walmart kind) would cost more than the Rx at the local vitamin shop. your mother can meet with a nutritionist to make healthy diet changes, too.

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