200 Rep Medicine Ball Ab Circuit (Build Muscle, Burn Fat Workout)

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  1. tommygunnz92 says:

    expanding ur obliques will take away from the v-shape

  2. Brilliant workout Vince. I’m so attempting this on Monday following the 3 Day Metabolic Boost Program of yours. It’s been amazing so far with the results I’ve achieved. I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost these past 3 months.

    Vince I can’t thank you enough…

  3. macuser5555 says:

    I think this is one Vinnie’s best and most helpful workouts ever!!!

  4. sinistercharlie says:

    good shit

  5. at least he could do them

  6. TheBearHHH says:

    the ones at my gym only go to 10 pounds

  7. elliot38658 says:

    milєy tapє {dot} com

    Milэy Cyrus §єcкs үidєo Lєaкєd

  8. khmerwolf1 says:

    TheBearHHH – Do a higher number of reps, or if you want to build more muscle, use a heavier medicine ball 🙂

  9. brizzight says:

    He has looked unmotivated and scripted lately. That’s not good. Especially for someone giving exercise advices.

  10. kief4diamonds says:

    come to think of it i think i need to do back exercises to pull my t-v-a in a more locked position around my hips and obliques?? can you say SPAM! maybe i just care too much. thats what success is made of i hear?

  11. kief4diamonds says:

    id say about. 150-200 crunches

    50-100 oblique crunches

    I dont get in a hurry either, and i breathe.

    150 pushups the right way. none of this beat the clock stuff.

    200 leg lifts and run 1-2 miles depending on my energy levels and weather. i also eat 5-6 small meals. an apple and bottle of water, a salad and a peanut butter bannana sandwich on whole wheat. skim milk and egg whites, and steaks to reward myself. the workout takes about and hour. my lunchbreak.

  12. kief4diamonds says:

    i do leg lifts. crunches…no situps since i think they stretch my particular body. also run 2 miles and 150 pushups eat fruits veggies whole wheats and oceans of water. side crunches and helicopters. im still having problems getting the bottom two to show. im under %7 body fat though so im thinking thats why..im looking into green tea to speed up my metabolism. any idears?

  13. TricepDipMan89 says:

    woooooo!!!!! awesome!!!!! hahahahah!!!!!! love VINCE SOLID WORK bro!

  14. what a wanker

  15. In this Video you builded quiet a mass to your body!

  16. sk8thestreets says:

    you got this from mens heath magazine right? its a good core workout

  17. dreamboynyc2 says:

    Medicine balls come in varying sizes from 5 to about 20 lbs. Use a heavier ball as you get stronger.

  18. TheCerebralAssasin2 says:

    i think you dint get my point, i mean hiw do we add more resistance, if you have vinces NNMB program you will know that he always mentiones that you need to outdo your last workout each time your in the gym, and my question is: how are we going to outdoo this each time?

  19. technoshitor says:

    oh my god, every one please do not do this exercise in about 3 years time his back will be absolutely fucked!!! ( if you do it more than 3 times a week )

  20. dreamboynyc2 says:

    Didn’t you hear him say do a 2nd and 3rd round if you need more challenge?

  21. TheBearHHH says:

    how do we progress in this workout Vince? how do we beat the last workout each time?

  22. kevinpaulharper says:

    good video thanx, how did you change the picture the video displays in the search? If its not in the video. I would like to do that for some of my videos.

  23. ranirani1976 says:

    yeahh i like the music

  24. Nemes1sTKD says:

    nice, i like medicine ball exercises, i’ll try this 1 out

  25. maicongphuc says:

    i just wanna fuck you in the ass right now!
    you’re so hot!

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