Highlighting Some Green Tea Benefits

Originating in China, green tea has also been enjoyed for centuries by those in other Asian countries such as Japan and Taiwan. Considered to be one of the healthiest beverages, this tea has unique properties making it useful as more than just a hot or cold beverage. It is also considered to have medicinal purposes as well. Let us discuss some green tea benefits.

Years of research has gone into proclaiming the great benefits of this beverage, and one sees the number of consumers increasing by the minute. Researchers and dieticians do not hesitate to boldly claim that this tea aids in fighting cancer, heart disease and even lowering cholesterol.

Some of the health benefits offered include a reduction in esophagus cancer, cholesterol levels, and the growth of other cancer cells. Through reducing cholesterol levels it helps aid in weight loss. The destruction of cancer cells, without affecting the healthy cells in the body, is a major benefit of this tea.

It is also very beneficial for those suffering from varicose veins. Drinking this type of tea daily helps us have a good circulation of blood and thus helps get rid of the veins gradually. Drinking about four cups a day can help prevent rheumatoid arthritis or at least reduce the symptoms in those already suffering from the disease. There are lesser re-occurrences of breast cancer in those having this tea regularly.

It is also ideal for refreshing the body, especially when one engages in exercises. Another benefit is that it reduces tooth decay. Another benefit is that it provides anti oxidants, which are indispensable to maintaining good health be it the heart, one’s age or any other condition that cannot do without antioxidants. The antioxidants in this tea called catechins get hold of the free radicals that harm the body.

Research shows that the more tea a person drank the lesser chances for them to die from cardiovascular diseases. Those drinking this type of tea are less likely to shown signs of a weakened brain function.

There are topical uses for this tea, too. An extract of green tea can help to heal skin that was damaged from radiation therapy. Currently, there is a study as to its effects in preventing HIV from attacking T-cells. No results have been forthcoming yet; hopefully once the study is complete we may have an answer to this.

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