Why You Should Opt For Professional Teeth Whitening Gainesville FL

It is almost impossible to bring back the original appearance of tooth enamel regardless of the number of times a person brushes his or her teeth. People who are not comfortable with the appearance of their teeth can choose to whiten them by using tooth bleaching products or procedures. By undergoing teeth whitening Gainesville FL inhabitants can significantly improve their appearance.

Tooth whitening products contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. The enamel lightens when the enamel comes into contact with the peroxide. The most effective tooth bleaching systems are those that are custom made for patients by dentists. Besides opting for professional tooth bleaching, you may also use tooth whitening products such as bleaching gels and strips as well as tray based whiteners.

Prior to performing tooth bleaching treatment, dental professionals usually clean the every tooth, ensure that gums are healthy and fill any cavities. Most in office bleaching systems use fifteen to thirty five percent peroxide gels. They are at times used together with high intensity light to enhance the bleaching process.

During an in office tooth bleaching procedure, the dentist will place a barrier on your gums and then place a paste of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth for a number of minutes. He or she will then rinse the hydrogen peroxide paste off and repeat the procedure several times. With this procedure, about 4 to 6 shades of bleaching can be achieved after a single forty minute treatment.

The tooth bleaching systems that are meant to be used at home usually contain 10 to 20 percent carbamide peroxide gel as well as other ingredients like water, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, carbomer and flavoring agents. Some gels containing more than 10 percent carbamide peroxide also have sodium fluoride, which strengthens teeth and reduces sensitivity. To begin the at home tooth whitening procedure, a dentist takes molds of the mouth and requests a custom tray to be made.

Dentists then ask patients to place some gel into the tray and then wear it for 2 hours during the day or when sleeping. Bleaching often takes place after one to two weeks. Patients who have excessively stained enamel may be asked to wear the trays for a period of six weeks. In office and at home bleaching procedures can be combined to achieve up to 12 to 15 shades of whitening.

One advantage of using dentist supervised bleaching systems is that the dentist can determine if you are a good candidate for tooth bleaching and whether the procedure will be effective. If you have a decayed tooth, white spots, multiple colored crowns, fillings or periodontal disease, you may not qualify for tooth bleaching. A dentist can also determine the type of tooth whitening that can work best for you and the right bleaching gels to use.

Patients who undergo tooth bleaching under the supervision of dentists can also receive effective treatment if they experience sensitivity to the products used. Dentists can also make necessary changes to ensure that a patient gets optimal results. Dentists can also advise patients on other procedures that they can take advantage of to enhance their appearance such as gum lifts, tooth shaping, resin veneers and tooth colored fillings. By consulting with a dentist, patients can attain their cosmetic dental goals easily.

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