Yoga Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Free online safe and healthy weight loss yoga program. This set includes potent, yet simple, hatha and kundalini yoga exercises to help reduce weight, burn fat, tone muscles and get fit. The set combines powerful breathing techniques with yoga exercises to promote rapid weight loss.

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  1. roxxannelives says:

    I salute you with warm greetings from Athens. I love your page and appreciate everything you do 🙂

  2. themissiako says:

    woooow it was gooooooooooooood !!

  3. taikomari says:

    Nice one baba!big up to the forces of light and breath! xXx

  4. ASlANproductions says:

    “shake it down! *breath brreath breath* Shsake it—d-down!”

  5. That was fun, thank you!

  6. soniakhan21 says:

    lolol hahahaa

  7. mayacassis says:

    I know!! I love this. And this wonderful man is sharing his knowledge for the benefit of mankind. I am surprised about so many negative comments. I feel people need to learn to be more productive

  8. mayacassis says:

    that’s ok. move on with your life and stop putting up moronic comments you twit.

  9. movania89 says:

    wow … when i do these ex. very 1st time … i feel very fresh … 🙂 and decided to make these ex. as a daily routine…

    i wanna ask u a ques. now when do i have to skip to next video ?

    or wait or repractice this again until i get master on the tips given by u ?

    plz reply me n thnks for uploading and posting..

  10. fayrechick says:

    I just viewed your video for the first time did the exercise and already i’m so full of energy my whole aura feels cleaner . i have to lose between 10-15 lbs by mid october for health reasons and i really feel that these exercises will help me achieve that goal as well as hlping my overall emotional state. Thank you for posting these in a easy to understand and follow video.

  11. ciscolakes says:


  12. FakeVoiceLonely says:

    yeah it works and it’s good!! cause you get your body prepare… if hit you pushing you body and not getting it prepare…. that’s why hit is fasted!

  13. FakeVoiceLonely says:

    sure you can!!!

  14. yamaraj147 says:

    can i fart now???

  15. gulllalai says:

    Just saw your video and I am at the beginner stages of these exercises. Today is my first day in fact. I am already feeling so much energy. I will keep you posted every day, hopefully.
    Thanks a lot for your posts they are really helpful ( :

  16. Is this better than HIIT ? Will it burn fat?

  17. its really fun doin it… and is interesting too

  18. AnmolMehtaCom says:

    Hi Friend,

    There is a full article associated with this video (all free) on AnmolMehta (dot) Com website. Just go there and search for weight loss program. All the details for each exercise and how it has helped others lose weight is there as well.


  19. gujjuhindu says:

    how often do YOU do each one of these exercises? how many times a week?
    do you combine it with pranayam?
    im asking about you personally…=]

    do you know if this program has helpedd anybody lose weight? and how much weight?

  20. TheGame31619 says:

    the last exerice was weird but nice vid

  21. awesome i just tried this , the only thing i havnt mastered is the “Fire Breathing”lol



  22. sirena1712 says:

    Thank you very much! it’s great that I have found your video, it’s an inspiration for me. I am a beginner and believe this would benefit me well for weight lost.

  23. jasminka1991 says:

    do you have to go through a certain diet?

  24. AnmolMehtaCom says:

    Yes it is suitable for beginners the free article detailing this set on anmolmehta (dot) com has modifications and tips for beginners as well.


  25. darkxxknight91 says:

    is this suitable for beginners?

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