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Over the last couple of years outside every school playground or in every park you can see 3-5 year olds zipping around on 3-wheeled Mini Micro scooters. In a range of funky colours these smooth ride scooters seem to be attached to these kids and if, as I am, you are mother to a couple of young children you will know how much they enjoy surfing the streets on these scooters. But what other scooters do Micro make and are there any other 3-wheeled scooters out there that are any good?

Micro Mobility Systems manufacture the Micro scooter and these are now shipped worldwide. It’s a Swiss made scooter and quality if top of the agenda. Their 2 wheeled scooter range mostly come with an ‘easy fold’ mechanism meaning you can store them easily and transport them without hassle. They use Abec 5 bearings for a smooth ride and PU wheels on most of their range. Suitable from 5 years upwards the 2 wheeled Micro scooters all have a max weight of around 15.5 stones.

With regards to the models, I love the Micro Sprite best as the next step on from the Mini Micro Scooter. It’s great for those just starting out on 2 wheels as it’s really lightweight and is excellent value for money. If its speed you are after then the Micro Bullet should be your scooter of choice, with the more expensive Monster Bullet including a special carving wheel making you the envy of the park. Those looking for a scooter for the commute to work should seriously consider the Micro Flex air scooter which can handle the lumps and bumps in the roads being equipped with inflatable tyres. If you really want to stick with a 3-wheeled scooter though, the Micro Kickboard is the grown up version, with joystick and wood/fibre composite deck you can surf the streets in style.

So if you are seeking an alternative to the 3 wheeled Mini Micro what are the other options out there? Iscoot is my top choice. This scooter has 3 key advantages that the Mini Micro does not have. Its cheaper, you can fold it in half and you can also change the height of the handle bars. As a result the Iscoot Mini Micro proves a great choice for those on a budget. It comes in Pink and Black and has coordinated handle bar grips.

Another choice is the Mookie 3 wheeled scooter. This is even less money than the Iscoot and looks much more like the Mini Micro but is less sturdy. Perhaps this would be a good buy if you were unsure if your child will enjoy scooting and want to test the theory before spending too much money. Finally Ozbozz make a scooter called ‘My First Scooter’ which is actually suitable from 2 years upwards. This is in truth a 4 wheeled scooter but the 2 back wheels are much smaller than the front wheels and closer together so that they don’t get in the way when pushing off.

Looking to buy a scooter? Visit us for further information on Micro Sprite Scooters and Iscoot, and ride away with a scooter at price thats right for you.

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