When Trying HCG Weight Loss Boca Raton Residents Are Likely To Succeed At Last

One can understand why people wanting to go on diet are often confused about the route they ought to take. There are countless plans that offer immediate results. Some offer pills, others drops, others miracle methods that simply melts the fat away. Most dieters will testify that they have tried many different diets, mostly without success. However, with HCG weight loss Boca Raton FL residents have found a method that is both revolutionary and also extremely effective.

The abbreviation stands for Human Chrorionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone that is produced in the placentas of women and it is at a very high level during pregnancy. The purpose of this hormone is to regulate the metabolism of pregnant women and has been found to be extremely effective in helping people to lose the pounds. The hormone is taken as part of a comprehensive diet plan.

Anybody about to embark upon a diet needs to first get advice from a medical doctor. It does not matter if the supplier of the plan or the drops promises that it is safe. People that suffer from chronic conditions, asthma, diabetes and blood related conditions should be especially careful. It is also vital to keep in mind that a diet should always be part of a complete lifestyle change.

This specific diet is divided into three separate phases and it is important to follow them meticulously. The first phase lasts for two days and during these two days participants have to increase their intake of water dramatically. Strangely, dieters are expected to follow a diet that is very high in calories during this phase. They must eat chocolate, pastries, pork and beef, for example.

The second stage becomes restrictive. Dieters must reduce their calorie intake to a maximum of five hundred. It is true that such a dramatic reduction will ordinarily slow down the metabolism, but that is what the hormonal drops supplied with the diet is for. It allows the body to receive just enough nutrients while fat is burned very quickly. This stage can last from twenty to forty days.

During the second cycle dieters are expected to achieve their desired weight. That is why the length of the cycle is variable. When this is achieved, the dieter moves on to the third cycle. This is a maintenance cycle. Calorie intake is now increased very slowly and very carefully and foods containing sugar and starch are slowly becoming part of the daily diet again.

Many dieters find that they want to lose more pounds after completing the second phase. They can do so, but they must stick to the third stage for at least sixty days before they revert back to the second stage. If, after the second stage, dieters find that they are happy with the results, they can stick to the third stage indefinitely.

This diet is not suitable for everybody, as admitted even by the designers of the program. Those suffering from thyroid problems, diabetes and heart conditions should not consider it at all. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also not follow this diet, or any other diet, for that matter.

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