What You Should Know Before Purchasing Fish Oil Supplements

There are so many different fish oil supplements out there that it becomes very difficult to determine which one is going to be the best for you to take. You may be surprised to find out exactly how much goes into creating the supplements, as it is a very involved process.

In order for someone to sell these supplements, caution must be taken as far as where the fish come from. Careful attention must also be paid to the process of filtration as well as how the oil itself is encapsulated. Plus, there are certain waters that must be avoided because they are actually more toxic than others. Any fish that come from environmentally toxic waters will automatically have a high toxicity level.

It can seem like a daunting task to try and determine which supplements are the best choice for you to take, but if you take the time to enough research it will surely be well worth it. You basically just need to learn about the various differences between each of the products, that way you can come to a more educated decision.

Our environment has become incredibly toxic, and it can be difficult for fish to survive in the contaminated waters. Just think about all of the chemicals that get dumped into our waters, such as fertilizers and pesticides. Any fish that have spent their entire lives living in and consuming these waters will be highly likely to have high levels of mercury, heavy metals and other harmful toxins. Of course these are going to have to be removed, and there has to be a proper filtration system in place before this can happen. There are some fish oil suppliers out there who are just trying to get their products on the market as quickly as possible, and these are the providers that you have to watch out for, because they do not pay as much attention to quality as they should.

Anyone who is going to sell these products needs to make sure that they have properly filtered their oil through a molecular filtration system. You can go to any manufacturer’s website and have a look at their Certificate of Analysis. This is how you can find out where their fish are caught as well as what type of testing that they do regarding the presence of toxins. You want to be able to determine through their testing results exactly how much DHA and EPA are present, because these are what make up omega-3.

One thing that may be helpful to find out is what type of capsule the manufacturer is putting the oil into. It could either be a water based capsule or an enteric capsule. Even though enteric capsules are a superior way to encase the oil, sometimes they can be used to disguise the smell of oil that has gone bad. With a water-based capsule you will be able to determine if the fish oil is bad or not simply by smelling it, which is why some people prefer to choose this type of supplement.

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