DHL Is An Impressive Company

DHL is an international couriers company that was started from scratch a few decades ago. The men who started it were called Dalsey. Lynn and Hillbom and the first letter of each name makes up the name of the company that was started in America during the 19070s.

DHL grew rapidly through a process of cooperation and collaboration. By channelling the the efforts and individual contributions of many small operators it was possible to grow organically like a mushroom which concentrates water and sunlight under an overarching organizational dome.

Deliveries and postage was largely in the hands of regulated government organizations during the first half of the twentieth century. These government organizations tended to distinguish themselves by exceptional incompetence. Officials had a propensity to frown and move slowly as though clients were very tiresome and guilty of breaking swathes of regulation and red tape.

In the latter decades of the century communication and Internet technology began to transform the whole world radically. Globalization spawned millions of messages and parcels that had to be sent rapidly around the world. Cumbersome and inefficient government organizations would have been swamped had private logistic companies not come to the rescue.

Like ants carrying little bits of material around the world, parcel delivery people post tirelessly over land and sea carrying boxes, parcels, letters and envelopes. These are delivered by hand to homes and handed over the garden fence. This is a safer and more convenient than the service that was offered by post offices that often required people to stand in queues and fill in forms before being handed their parcel after what seemed like an application process.

Almost anyone who can carry a briefcase can act as a courier. This leads to almost perfect market competition in the cheap parcel delivery industry. Survival and success depend upon performance. Successful delivery companies like DHL, UPS and TNT must be at the top of their game, delivering safe and reliable service. This requires top technology, organization and an effective sales force.

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