What Should Happen To Old T-Shirts?

One of the best things about t-shirts is their disposability. You wear them for awhile, get tired of them, and buy new t-shirts as you need them. They are super cheap and there are literally endless t-shirts out there to be bought, so why waste your time on old t-shirts covered in mustard stains? Well, you’re going to have cases upon cases of old t-shirts lying around if you don’t decide what to do with these garment relics. What do you do with old t-shirts, anyway?

Well, you can certainly donate those old t-shirts to charity. There are lots of places to take old clothes so that less fortunate, t-shirtless individuals can have them. Make sure the clothes you donate are not stained or full of holes, because it is very degrading to donate clothing that you wouldn’t find yourself wearing out in public. Only donate clean, presentable clothing to missions, homeless shelters, and needy centers such as Goodwill. You may not think so, but those old t-shirts can be very useful to those in need.

Once all of those decent t-shirts that still have a bit of wear left in them are gone, you are left with a pile of old t-shirts that are really good for nothing. These t-shirts are full of holes and are stained beyond any salvage, so why not strip them down for cloth rags? Cotton rags are wonderful to use for windows and leave a lovely, streak-free shine on mirrors as well. They also make a handy, super-absorbent alternative for towel paper when it comes to cleaning up spills.

One of the least thought-of ideas for old t-shirts is as a source for raw craft materials. All manner of things can be done with the old fabric. You can make pillows from old t-shirts, or make cloth dolls for your children. Cut out shapes for the kids to glue onto construction paper and decorate with yarn, glitter, dried macaroni, and glue. Many crafts can be done with such a simple thing as an old, ready-for-the-trash, pile of t-shirts.

Make good and certain that these used t-shirts are appropriately clean for the use you intend them. Double wash them in hot water before giving them away or using them for cleaning rags, for sure. Both of these uses require sterile t-shirts. Whatever happens with those old t-shirts of yours, I’m sure you’ll make a much better use of them than just padding for your garbage can.

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