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Magnetic Health, What is it?

As we get older our body can suffer from the symptoms of poor circulation such as stiffness, general aches and pains, chilblains and other conditions. Sometimes these symptoms can lead to more serious complaints leading to the need to take medications on a daily basis.

Circulatory problems and their symptoms can often be eased with magnetic therapy. Magnetic fields are important foundations of life. In fact, magnetic energy is involved in the division of cells within the body.

The Importance of Magnetism

In 2003 a clinical study showed strong evidence that magnetism was more effective than traditional compression bandages or stockings for treating leg conditions such as leg ulcers. In 2006, the NHS in the UK allowed GPs to prescribe magnetic therapies to patients for the first time for leg ulcers. There are also potential cost savings to the NHS as magnetic therapies cost much less than more invasive surgery or prescribed drugs.

For many types of circulatory problems, magnetic therapies have become a popular form of home remedy. Magnetic health provides a drug-free form of treatment for many symptoms caused by poor circulation. Such therapies do not aim to replace other forms of treatment, rather they can complement certain types of medicines depending on the problems and symptoms experienced by the patient.

Apart from circulatory problems, magnets can also help with other medical conditions such as:

* Insomnia

* Migraine

* Arthritis

* Osteoporosis

* Back pain

* Spondylosis

* Diabetes

* Fibromyalgia

* Sciatica

* Stroke

* High blood pressure.

Magnetic Health Treatments

The theory as to how magnetic health treatments work, is that blood flow around an injured site can be improved when the site comes into contact with a magnetic field. This, in turn, causes toxins to be excreted acting as a trigger for the body’s natural healing process. Several scientists believe that magnetic therapy also causes the body to dispose of waste materials much more quickly, speeding up the healing process.

One company that believes small, powerful magnetic therapeutic products will work in harmony with the body, is Magnopulse. They produce a variety of magnetic therapy products which apply a powerful magnetic field to the body. The company suggests there may be a calming of the nerves, improved circulation, and a change in behaviour of the cells involved in the healing process.

Significant benefits are being reported by a significant number of users as Magnopulse continue to have its products tested in trials under medical supervision.

Magnopulse patented products are designed to create powerful magnetic fields for deep penetration and may help ease local pain safely. Should you need any advice visit the Magnopulse website.

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