How To save your Face from Wrinkles

When you’re little, people sometimes joke about not frowning too much, or your face will stay like that. As silly as it sounds, that’s not too far from the truth. According to Webster’s dictionary: ‘Wrinkle. Noun. A small furrow, ridge, or crease on a normally smooth surface, caused by crumpling, folding, or shrinking.’ The part of that sentence that really pulls my attention is: ‘normally smooth surface’. That is because it is so true! Our skin was meant to be smooth.

Your skin was meant to renew itself every 2-3 weeks. That means getting rid of all the old, dead cells, forming new blood vessels, producing more melanocytes to evenly distribute skin coloration, etc. This process keeps your skin soft, refreshed, and moisturized. Our skin is also a natural barrier that holds moisture in, protects us from the damaging rays of the sun, and keeps us looking young. We also have a wonderful layer of fat below our skin to keep it full and healthy.

The problematic situation is what begins to happen when this very effective system of skin rejuvenation gets less and less effective with the passing of time, and we begin to lose that needed, protective layer of fat. Our skin renewal system begins to be less effective, for lots of different reasons. Several of them are brought on by the decisions we make every day, most of which are inevitable such as walking through a stress-filled mall or exposing ourselves to the sun when we walk to the car. Another example of our bodies’ ability or inability to withstand deterioration has to do with genetics. If your genes show that your family has the tendency to look 10 years younger than they are, there’s a pretty good possibility that you will too.

However, there are some factors you can control your self. For example, a big culprit that causes lots of wrinkles is cigarette smoke, so stop smoking if you do. Another huge problem that most people wouldn’t imagine is stress. Stress has been proven to cause the facial muscles to tighten up and cause creases to appear between your eyes, on your cheeks, etc. Try to be more conscious of your facial expressions and not take life too seriously, and that should help you not wrinkle as much. And of course, always wear sunscreen.

Wrinkles Is it already too late?

What about if you’re reading this and thinking to your self, uh oh, I already have wrinkles! Maybe it’s too late for me. What can I do? First of all, if you are just starting to see a few wrinkles, and you are worried about premature skin aging, start following the suggestions I mentioned in the last paragraph, because you can probably stop your wrinkles from being as bad as they could be. The other thing you could do is try an all natural anti-aging shield, which come in the form of natural products that you can put on your face to help retain the skin’s natural moisture, nutrients and fatty tissues. A great ingredient to look for in these aging wrinkle creams is the serum from land snails, which has been scientifically proven to naturally regenerate skin cells and add moisture to our skin, in the same way it does for the snail. You can’t lose anything by taking this advice, and I guarantee you that within a few months you will start to see an amazing difference!

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