What do you learn in CNA Training Class

There are many duties and responsibilities involved while being a Certified Nursing Assistant, and these tasks can be learnt through a CNA training class. The place of your job, such as a nursing home, or the home of the elderly or disabled individual will alter the details of the job to a certain extent, but the general tasks continue to remain the same. A CNA has a lot of responsibilities and the CNA training class will help him face these. He needs to be alert to the patient’s condition and monitor him scrupulously, as well as perform other bedside duties of the patient, such as cleaning and bathing him.

The CNA training class helps in improving the communication skills of the nursing assistant, so that he can adopt a calm and tensionless attitude towards the patients, during times of stress. He is also required to note and observe any vital signs of the patient and is expected to perform the duty of being a liaison between the Registered Nurse and the patient. He helps in performing duties set by the physician and the Registered nurse and reduces the burden on the latter.

If you attend a good CNA training class, it will help you perform your duties in a responsible fashion. There are different types of classes available, with online, free and paid classes. The CNA training class can be availed through vocational or technical centers and also through medical institutions or community colleges.

The CNA training class is conducted by a Registered Nurse and usually lasts for about 24 weeks. After this there is usually a month of skills training where the students react with real patients in a healthcare institution. The nursing skill test is done with the help of a partner who plays the role of a mock patient.

The student can get his certification after appearing successfully in the written and the skills test, once the CNA training class is completed. The salary is considered excellent for the job and the CNA is also able to improve his prospects with increasing number of certifications. The CNA slowly becomes more confident at his job, but he should remember that it is important to have physical strength too for this job.

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