What Attracts Fruit Flies

Fruit flies have become common in the kitchen space, primarily around late summer or fall because they are drawn to fermenting or ripened fruits and vegetables, while you might find them anytime. Squash, melons, grapes, tomatoes, and other disposable items brought in from the garden is often the cause of an infestation that grows inside. Alternative things that fruit flies are attracted to include rotting onions, potatoes, bananas, and other unrefrigerated vegetables and fruits. In case you are wondering ways to avoid or eradicate fruit flies, you’ve come to the right spot.

Fruit flies are often about 1/8 inch long, and they as a rule have red eyes. The front portion of the body is actually tan, and the rear segment is black. Fruit flies can be found in supermarkets, restaurants, homes and any alternative place where food can sometimes be found fermenting or rotting. They are really specifically drawn to ripened fruits and vegetables in the kitchen space, but they also can additionally be located in empty bottles and cans, drains, trash containers, mops, garbage disposals, as well as cleaning rags. A moist film of fermenting material is truly all that is required for development of fruit flies. Fruit flies can also result from over-ripened vegetables or fruits which are brought into your house from the supermarket. It’s also easy for fruit flies to fly in from the outside through improperly screened doors or windows.

Fruit flies are mostly only a nuisance, nevertheless they might have the cabability to ruin food with disease-producing organisms or bacteria. You most likely are asking yourself, “do fruit flies bite?” The reply to that is no. However, if you see fruit flies, you will still need to know how to kill fruit flies and eliminate them.

After a place is plagued with fruit flies, all likely breeding places have to be found and then eradicated. If the breeding sites are not eradicated or washed, the condition will continue no matter how often insecticides are applied to manage the adult fruit flies. Sometimes, it’s not easy to discover the sources of attraction and breeding, and you’ll need to use lots of thought and persistence. If you think there are fruit flies in the garbage disposal, for example, you can inspect this area by taping a clear plastic-type food storage bag above the opening overnight. If you find that fruit flies have emerged and been caught inside the bag, the flies are mating within these areas.

You can also leave out trap plastic bags or jars with vegetables or fruit in them for the fruit flies to be attracted to. When you have caught an adequate amount of them, you can get rid of them or perhaps just free them outside if you’d like. There are various ways that you can get rid of them. You may also make use of your vacuum cleaner (if it’s strong enough) in some cases. You can also use cleaning soap to eliminate them all or once you’ve washed the breeding sites completely, you should use pesticide sprays to remove the adults.

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