What Are the Best Foods and Drinks for an Effective Rosacea Diet?

Rosacea is a skin condition which has no known cure and its causes are not known. Different researchers have pointed out various factors as the possible causes of the condition but none has found world wide general acceptance. Among the cited possible causes of rosacea are some certain diets. The symptoms of rosacea include reddening of face, itching, burning sensation and pains.

All the persons that are suffering from rosacea must take every possible step to avoid anything that can make the symptoms severe and worse. All the rosacea patients must be educated on the recommended as well as the proscribed rosacea diets. You should ensure that you strictly take only those foods, drinks and beverages that are recommended and avoid anything else that is proscribed. The base line for rosacea diets is that they should be LOW IN ACID and HIGH IN ALKALINE. Here below, is brief general information about the rosacea diets

TAKE AS MANY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AS YOU CAN: top on the list of the recommended rosacea diets you will find the fruits and vegetables. This is so because the fresh fruits and vegetables are natural oxidants and detoxifiers of the body. They help in getting rid of the body’s free radicals and are very good immunity boosters. You are advised to take only the fresh and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. The processed juices should not be taken as fruits and vegetables.

DRINK A LOT OF alkaline WATER: water is very important for the general body well being and should form part all rosacea diets. It is recommended that you take eight 8 -ounces glasses of water every day in order to remain properly hydrated. The alkaline water neutralizes the acidity that has been cited as among the factors that can increase the severity of the symptoms of rosacea such as dilation of blood vessels and flushing.

AVOID THE INTAKE OF ACID-PRODUCING FOODS: some foods that produce acid in the stomach should not form part of the rosacea diets. These foods that should be avoided include vinegar, cake, alcoholic drinks, foods that are cooked in oils, sugar, grains meat, tofu, sugar, salt, pastas, seeds, nuts, grains (except quinoa and millet), crackers, coffee, spicy foods cereals, breads, seafood and fish, oils, eggs, etc. These foods cause the flushing and they are suspected to be causes of the rosacea.

AVOID the fatty foods and dairy products especially those that are high in the trans-fats. The fats should never form part of rosacea diets because they may cause atherosclerosis in which fats and cholesterol are deposited in the arteries causing their hardening making the blood passage difficult. Fats should be avoided by all costs because they may worsen the telangiectasia- the condition in which the blood vessels seem to be physically damaged.

TAKE THE WHOLE GRAINS AND FOODS THAT ARE UNPROCESSED: the foods that area generally termed as junk as listed among the proscribed rosacea diets. You are advised to take only sprouts, quinoa, millet, citrus fruits, fresh fruits, potatoes, lima beans, raw cider vinegar, salad green, vegetable, etc. The foods should generally be very low in fats and high fiber. They should also be prepared in low salt. Fruits and vegetables can provide the required amounts of fiber in the body.

TAKE LOTS OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS: you are advised to take lots of vitamins and other vital body minerals. The vitamins and mineral supplements can be taken as part of the recommended rosacea diets. Because rosacea has no known cure, the best way in which the patient can deal with it is by boosting the natural body immunity to fight the symptoms of the condition.

It has been established that a good Rosacea Diet is an effective way to treat or at least reduce Rosacea. For more information on Rosacea and diet with things you already have in your house, please visit my site.

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