Weight Loss Tips: Secrets of the Pooch Belly

Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness discusses how crunches will not get rid of your pooch belly. The source may lie in your posture and pelvic alignment. Digestive disorders may also play a role in this issue. Contact a CHEK Practitioner at www.chekinstitute.com to learn more. whey protein aspartame splenda sugar recovery jillian michaels supplements oprah oz bob greene p90x eas ronnie coleman jackie warner mike boyle verstegen mark personal training alernative medicine weight lifting fast …

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  1. patougirl says:

    what do you suggest to constipated people? how to solve that problem?
    please help!!

  2. notliketoast says:

    wow i feel horrible but he’s so right about everything..

  3. katflip09 says:

    kay, i got a pooch belly, and i did the wall posture thing… =o i have really bad posture! thanks for letting me know about some of this =]

  4. LtRizaHawkeye says:

    but i dont get it how much does it cost to get a trainer, and is it absolutely nessecery?

  5. xPrexiousdymex says:

    Constipation shows!!!

  6. kaiser0soze says:

    “pooch belly” lol

  7. tylergenis says:

    that book is “the shit” XD

  8. bttrscotchbutterfly says:

    “Doody?” LMAO! The pelvic tilt issue does make sense, though. I am definitely going to give it a try.

  9. RainbowCowsxx says:

    Thank you so much! That was very educational and helpful! 😀

  10. leoliamll says:

    you are very good! would you consider yourself to be a nutritionist or some other proffesssion? what you talk about is very interesting!!

  11. PippaLopps says:

    HA HA I love your videos! 😀

  12. kooflower6 says:

    dude you are awesome, strait forward no shit, and to the point!

  13. dackszero says:

    skinny fat

  14. wpirealestate says:

    Thank you Sean. I have learned so much from your postings. Keep on the great job!

  15. highonsugar25 says:

    I’m very skinny BUT I have a terrible pooch belly (I look pregnant) and I did the wall test while playing the video and I can fit both of my arms through…. lmao my guts are spilling over =(

  16. then your gunna risk much worse things when your older.

  17. RaiMoreira says:

    Yea what if I cant afford a trainer? ;[

  18. Cristinzzz says:

    which was are you suppose to turn your hand? is it suppose to be flat up against the wall, or horizontal to your body?

  19. WOW! interesting.
    What if you cannot afford a personal trainer? is pilates helpful?

  20. codematrix says:

    Dude, 5 Stars. Totally makes sense.

  21. yep … they you have to do a 180­° and see if you can put knees, boobs and nose to the wall and fit your arm over your belly and if that’s going fine … then you call me! ; D

  22. rashid90productions says:

    Wow this is guy sik!

    He definately knows what he is talking about and i enjoyed watching and performing some examples 🙂

    5 stars!

  23. haruhistnumber5 says:

    There’s nothing better than being regular.

  24. haruhistnumber5 says:

    You need to fast. I recommend the master cleanse. It helped my allergies and asthma, healed my ankle injuries, and got rid of my cravings for bad food. Remember, most people have allergies and intolerance due to exposure to processed foods and GMO’s as children. Give your body time to flush itself out and begin anew.

  25. xxashxx01 says:

    Very interesting!

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