Weight Loss Reviews: How to Suppress Your Big Appetite and Lose Weight/Acupuncture and Weight Loss

Acupuncture and weight loss

Acupuncture is considered as a new alternative medicine that helps to suppress appetite and lose weight.  It has been an integral part of Chinese therapy centuries.  Normally this treatment is conducted by the insertion of very fine needles on the body’s surface, in order to influence physiological functioning of the body. Its proper usage helps in lowering body weight, body fat, insulin levels, and lipid levels in the blood.  It helps to fight cravings for carbohydrates, decrease appetite and in the process help in weight loss. Acupuncture points within the ear are used for general detoxification and weight loss. You can stimulate your palm with your fingers as well. For example, Lau-gun is a spot in the very centre of your palm. Press a little bit on this spot with your thumb and draw round circles clockwise.  Che-gu is a spot on the outer palm side between your index finger and the thumb. You can stimulate it with a little bit of pressure. One more spot is in the middle right between the upper lip and your nose. You should massage it for 1-2 minutes in pulsing motions.

Last but not least. Some practical advises to suppress your appetite. Ironically, it has to do with food. Dietitians say “You want to eat? Drink something!”

But what to do if you are suffering from a constant wish to eat something?

They say that a decoction of one liter of water mixed with blackthorn and some minced black pepper, ginger and 2 spoons of honey make your appetite decrease. You can drink this during the entire day once you feel hunger.

Another good option is to drink stewed fruits prepared without sugar. You should separate fruits from the liquid and put half lemon (to 1 liter of this liquid) and some cinnamon. You should keep it warm and drink it whenever you feel really hungry.

And remember that every time you have an uncontrolled hunger feel, you have a right to have up to 30g of nuts and sunflower seeds, one piece of black chocolate or one tea spoon of honey along with your ordinary nutrition.

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