Wed 01/20 WLL … Replacement Meals – Three Suggestions!

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  1. No fair..I don’t have a trader Joe’s 🙁

  2. healthygains says:

    amazing suggestions! can’t wait to try… i have yet to go to trader joes and we have on here in pgh!!! i think i might just have to make a trip there!

  3. 32down15togo says:

    Oh my goodness Nicole, you and I are food twins! You named my all my sin food! Great Video!

  4. krazy77grl says:

    I <3 chips and salsa/cheese dips too.

    An alternative I just found is snow peas or sugar snap peas and hummus. YUM!!!

    I wish we had a trader joes around here…

  5. taytay2befit says:

    hi great whole foods like trador joes? where in the store are those crackers in the deli area? any hoo that all sounds yummers I already do the froyo love it 🙂

  6. maeberrie33 says:

    I will have to check out at goat cheese pizza. I haven’t seen it at Trader Joes, but then again I wasn’t looking. Thanks for all the ideas…and I agree about the Trader Joe Diet! I love TJ’s

  7. freshfoodiefitness says:

    wow, we have the same 3 foods: ice cream, pizza and chips and salsa! i don’t have a trader joes 🙁

    thanks for the awesome alternatives!

  8. rachiebaby24 says:

    no trader joes here 🙁
    I need to find alternatives for enchiladas and chinese food – I love those flavors 🙂

  9. Candocait says:

    Good suggestions! You look gorgeous btw ,very glowy lol Alternative meals:I LOVE brownies so I make a black bean brownie that is so yummy and so much less fat! They take no oil and no eggs! yay

  10. thisiskate12 says:

    i’ve become such a fan of frozen yogurt that i actually prefer it to ice cream. i just like the texture more and it doesn’t give me the guilt of ice cream!

    you look so beautiful and healthy! great job with all the work you’ve done : )

  11. journey265 says:

    the crackers are a good idea! i love peanutbutter, so i do the same thing. I get 11 crackers (110 calories) with a tablespoon and a half of peanut butter (130) cals and its yummy… esepcially when its about 8 and i want something with some nutritional value that will keep me full… i’ve also done it for breakfast!

    anyways great video! (i wish i had a trader joe’s here!

  12. Great ideas! I like to replace spaghetti with spaghetti squash! You still get the noodle like texture and look and still top it with pasta sauce. You lose all those nasty carbs though and it’s a veggie! I have a recipe vid for it on my channel 🙂

  13. claudianow says:

    You are so adorable! I blend any kind of fruit with almond milk for a filling low calorie healthy smoothie. Doesnt quite replace a craving but it really fills you up so your cravings are diminished. Also instantly energizing.

  14. VickyDelgada says:

    yes !! im always making yummy desserts in my blendtech ……………. my fav is avocadoe, banana, cocoa, dates !! wooo hoo!

  15. serafcaine says:

    hey what camera are u using, im thinking about buying one?

  16. nfoster680 says:

    Frozen banana in my vitamix blender with mango or strawberries with a touch of almond milk makes excellent ice cream. I have even made ice cream with cocao powder, dates and bananas… no chemicals, naturally yummy.

  17. soonfully says:

    we dont have trader joes here lol I wish I wish.

  18. queenie1972 says:

    Crisps are mine aghhhhh Doritos …. Plus I stay miles away from choc chip cookies I could demolish tons of them … 🙂

  19. Angeepantz says:

    I am a chocoholic to the max, so when I really need a chocolate bar, I opt for a sliced banana, and I dip the tip of my fork into some chocolate syrup. You get the chocolatey taste, with a serving of fruit, and since you dip the the fork prongs into the sauce and then pick up a slice of a banana, you don’t go overboard on the chocolate syrup either =)

  20. rubywong221 says:

    thanks for the pizza tip. I love trader joe’s and am always up for suggestions!

  21. I need to try hummus!

  22. I am SO down for the TJ Diet. XD

  23. safalal64 says:

    first time..good stuff, every thing you said..I love food and bbw haha

  24. MissLici82 says:

    Haha! I LOVE your videos babe. You are beautiful! x

  25. haha it’s dang good!

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