Ways To Eat And Make Better Paleo Bread

The paleo bread recipe falls under the cave man diet. It is known for its persistence of intake of natural healthy food products that were often taken during the cave man era. This consists of food high in fiber, wild fruits and vegetables as well as frequent consumption of game meat. The recipe is very easy to follow and the ingredients are locally available.

The recipe allows the cook to incorporate healthy items in the diet such as eggs and wild fruit that allows one to come together in harmony with the foods that nature provides. This recipe therefore only incorporates the foods that are allowed in the diet. Processed and chemically made ingredients can therefore not be used.

Ingredients that will be required for the making of the loaf include about four eggs, three large peppers depending on how hot the person wants it, a palm full of green olives, red onions preferably three, dried tomatoes, sesame seeds and poppy seeds, about nine teaspoonfuls of almond flour.

A major ingredient in this recipe is the ham. The cook has to buy the ham from a butcher to ensure its freshness as opposed to the kind that can be found in department stores. These kinds are usually processed. Baking powder to trigger rising will is also needed.

The fresh vegetables and ham should be cooked over a bit of olive oil in order to make them nice and soft. Hereafter the egg whites and the yolk should be separated and upon beating of the whites to affine smooth pulp, the almond flour should be added to the mixture.

The separated yolk is then mixed with the already slightly cooked ham and vegetables incorporating the baking powder as well. The mixture should not be too thick or too thin as this composition could affect the outcome of the loaf. After greasing the oven tray with olive oil, the mixture should be poured in and left to bake for about fifty minutes.

A toothpick or sharp object should be used to confirm if the paleo bread is ready. Afterward it should be cut into several pieces or served at the preference of the owner. This bread is quite beneficial in that it increases the energy of an individual as well as their sex drive. It also allows for the formation of clear and smooth skin and a better immune system.

The diet of prehistoric man has been somewhat reproduced by using Paleo bread and Paleo bars in a weight management program. Learn more about the advantages and benefits by checking our site now.

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