Watch For These Early SIgns of Aging

While the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may be the most frequently recognised indicators of of aging, they are actually not the first signs that your skin has started the aging process. The ability to recognize the initial signs of aging on your skin will help improve the probability of stopping or perhaps reversing them. There are three signs of aging skin that each woman should really be aware of.

I would like to take the time to talk of each of these and what can be done to fight back against them.

Moisturizer Is Just Not Enough Anymore

Crows feet and forehead wrinkles come quite late in the aging process. Often the very first sign of ageing is a dry or lifeless look to your complexion. As we become older our skin loses its ability to shed dead skin cells on its own. Even if you happen to use a moisturizer as part of your daily skin care routine, your moisturizer might have issues being soaked up through the dead skin cells. The best way to fight back against the dryer skin that comes along with the aging process is to scrub your skin often. Employing a mild exfoliating product will really help to remove the dead skin cells which are causing the dry and dull complexion so many women are cursed with in the later stages of life.

Seeing Spots

Age spots happen in most people as the skin starts to age. These spots are created by years of exposure to sun light. While this can certainly come from intentional exposure such as tanning, for the majority of people this exposure accumulates during day by day activities. These activities can include simply things such as driving or household jobs such as washing dishes by a window. Often we don’t consider our exposure to the sun during these activities, and thus do not take measures to protect our skin from the ultraviolet light. The most effective way to avoid age spots it to use sun lotion every day. Employing a moisturizer that also offers SPF protection will aid in protecting your skin during those occasions when you may not be thinking about sun exposure. If you already have age spots, you can help reduce the appearance of those brown spots by using a retinol cream or an exfoliating product. If you require a more dramatic treatment to lighten your age spots, there are laser treatments which have proven to be effective.

Concealer – It Is Simply A Cover-up

While your concealer may just be able to help hide those dark under eye circles, it is certainly not addressing the reason for the darkening skin underneath your eyes. While many of us believe that dark-coloured circles under the eyes are a sign of fatigue, the reality is the 2 are not at all related. Dark eye circles are a result of fat cells breaking down. The fat cells underneath the eyes are one of the first cells to break down during the aging process. The result is sunken skin that takes on a dark bluish tone around the eyes. You may be unable to replace those fat cells, but you can plump that skin back up and get rid of the darkish circles and that unwanted concealer. The trick here is to use a cream that contains hyaluronic acid. These creams absorb moisture from the air and can hold lots more moisture than any regular lotion or wrinkle cream. The increased moisture in the skin plumps up the skin, and prevents the underlying veins from giving off that dark bluish tone.

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