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Equines, known in the English speaking world as horses, have a diet that consists mostly of plants. Specifically, they target plants which are rich in fiber and protein. Most of these substances are found in grasses, fruits, shrubs and even leaves. Though these things are a major stiple of horses’ diets, equine supplement is now advised to be apart of that.

Including supplements in the diet of equines, commonly known as horses, will prove to be an endeavor that ensure the health of such magnificent creatures. As of today, numerous breeds of horses are being domesticated, not necessarily as house pets. Horses have the ability to be utilized as farm animals, transport mules and racing animals.

Like other mammals, especially humans, horses are still susceptible to illnesses and disorders like arthritis, immune deficiencies, cancer, etc. Those who have valuable thoroughbred horses or other sports inclined horses need to have embed supplements into the horse’s diet.

One of the most common illnesses that horses experience is arthritis. Having supplements as part of their diet will help them steer clear from such illness. Back in the days, steroids were used to treat arthritis.

You might be thinking that steroids will eventually have the same effect. This is not true. Although steroids are found to have effective results in reducing arthritis pain, the side effects that permit are unignorable which why it is better to steer clear of steroids, as much as possible.

Supplements will help in that regard. Not only will it help prevent arthritis but it will also enhance the bone structure and joint mobility of horses. A lot of supplements contain calcium and protein which are known to immunize against arthritis. Stay away from using steroids because they have uncanny side effects that will prove to be dangerous to horses.

It would be best to consult a vet about equine supplement. These experts know about such diet alternative and can recommend the best type for your horse. Read more about: Equine Supplement

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