Understanding Mormon Food Storage

What is all this talk about mormon food storage? Mormons or latter-day saints are encouraged to be self-reliant and prepare for storms which may lie ahead. They are encouraged to store a basic supply of food, water and have some money in savings. It is hard to know when adversity will strike. It is better to be prepared than to suffer later on.

There are several different ways that adversity may come. Some examples of this may be poor health, losing your job, economic problems is your country or your home being destroyed from extreme weather. When these types of problems come, it may be difficult to have the food and money that you need. If you are prepared by having a storage of these things, it can help you weather the storm. By being prepared, it will give you peace of mind knowing that you have done all that you can.

Mormon food storage is a good idea because it helps to prepare for hard times which may come. Mormons or latter-day saints are encouraged to store food for short and long term needs. They are encouraged to keep a food storage list to help stay organized and rotate through the foods. Short term food storage is having foods in storage that are eaten on a regular basis. These are rotated regularly as they may spoil easily and don’t last as long as long term food storage. Latter-day saints are encouraged to keep a three month supply of short term foods.

Latter-day saints are also encouraged to store foods which will last longer for long term needs. When adversity strikes, it can last for a while. Having a long food storage can help to weather the storm. These foods must be able to store for long periods of time without spoiling. An example of this would be grains. These foods should also be rotated into the food that are eaten on a regular basis.

Mormon food storage should also include a storage of drinking water. During times of disaster or storms, regular drinking water can become contaminated or polluted. Storing a supply of water can help you get through these tough times. It is recommended to store water in containers that are resistant to breaking and that will hold up over time. It may also be necessary to treat the water to prevent it going bad over time.

It is also important to have money in savings. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared should an emergency arise where you need extra money. An example of this may be losing your job because of being laid off or having an injury.

I hope that this article has been informative and given you a better understanding of mormon food storage. Being prepared can give you peace of mind and help to prevent needless suffering. It is not possible for every person to do all of these things outlined because of individual circumstances. Some places do not allow you to store food. However, everyone can prepare themselves in as least some ways. The more prepared we are, the better off we are. Being prepared will give you peace of mind and help you when adversity strikes.

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