Why One Year Food Storage Is A Good Idea

It is very worthwhile to consider the benefits of a one year food storage plan. Think of what your family do in the event of surviving an earthquake or flood or even a meteorite hitting the planet. Take time to imagine how you would manage if you suddenly lost your job or became unusually short of money due to unforeseen circumstances. A long term storage plan could protect you in such circumstances.

Bellevue Chiropractor Recounts His Adventure At Sea On The Carnival Splendor

If you have ever planned a vacation you know the excitement that is involved with preparation. Planning on gourmet meals, lots of sunshine and the Mexican Rivera, Dr. Michael Weir of Bellevue WA and his wife embarked on the Carnival Splendor on November 7th 2010. To their horror that is not what ended up happening. Instead they ended up “dead in the water” with no electricity, no toilets, and cold food. “We had been planning this trip for 9 months and were very excited to go on vacation with friends”, said Michael Weir, owner of Back in Action Chiropractic in Bellevue WA.

Understanding Mormon Food Storage

What is all this talk about mormon food storage? Mormons or latter-day saints are encouraged to be self-reliant and prepare for storms which may lie ahead. They are encouraged to store a basic supply of food, water and have some money in savings. It is hard to know when adversity will strike. It is better to be prepared than to suffer later on.