Types of Dentistry – The 3 Ps

In selecting a form of dentist that ideal helps your needs, you will find three “P’s” you can select from. These three – periodontics, prosthodontics, and pediatric dentistry – are frequently mistaken for one one more and confused greatly when it comes to what every single one can provide. Understanding the difference in between and role of each and every of these 3 specialties is essential because you don’t need to waste your cash or time going to a prosthodontics dentist whenever you truly required a periodontics one. Bear in mind, you will find really huge differences in these three Ps!


The field of periodontics and also the dentists that work in it specialize in the locations that support the teeth, like the gums, jaw and facial tissue. Dentists that specialize in periodontics can diagnose and treat illnesses that impact these locations so that they don’t deteriorate even more and ruin your teeth. Gingivitis, as an example, is really a fairly typical illness that affects the tooth structure, and can trigger bone and tooth deterioration if left untreated for too long. A periodontics dentist can support with these issues, which includes the remedy with the disease, prevention and diagnoses, but also the aesthetic look of these sensitive locations.


An additional large P-word in the dental field is prosthodontics. Altogether different from periodontics, a prosthodontics dentist specializes with patients who are missing teeth or have really poor ones. The aim for prosthodontics would be to restore or generate teeth which are functional and appear pleasant so the patient can chew, smile, and talk without having difficulty. They work with materials to develop caps, dentures and implants in order to restore function, which includes rehabilitation of oral habits when those materials have been implanted. This specialty takes great care because mouths only fit particular size teeth, and to keep it searching natural although functional might be tough.

Pediatric Dentistry

Unlike periodontics or prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry can be a brand all to its own when it comes to how it works for patients. Like a pediatrician, pediatric dentists work only with patients from infants to adolescence, specializing in the particular needs and troubles that usually occur with these age patients, including cavities, stubborn baby teeth, braces and corrective procedures for teeth that come in incorrectly. Their significant aim for their patients is to support develop appropriate dental wellness habits, effectively avoiding and stopping numerous adult dental diseases and conditions by helping the patient take excellent care of their teeth from an early age.

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