Top Three Options To Metal Braces

Many adults and children are told at sometime in their life that they will need braces. Traditionally, this mean that they would sport the classic metal look for several years. While this popular style is still widely available, there are new styles that are hitting the market that may appeal to individuals looking for the same benefit of the traditional version with a newer look.

Dentists determine the need for these products based on the place and position of the teeth and the size of the mouth. The classic version includes metal brackets positioned on each tooth with wires that run the length. Some patients who need additional work may also have rubber bands, spacers, or expansion systems. This design is still widely used around the globe. However, there are now even more options available for those wanting s different look.

As time and technology have advanced, there have been new products designed to get the same effect as the traditional metal. One of the newest products available to patients uses a radically different approach. Instead of individual brackets and wires, this product is made from a strong plastic worn like a mouth piece.

To create the product, a cast is made from the mouth. Then, the plastic is placed over the mold and tailored to fit snugly. Periodically throughout the year, a new mold and cast are created. Gradually, the teeth are moved from their original location into the desired one.

Patients love this product because they can eat, drink, and talk without anyone noticing they are wearing the device. It is also popular because it does not require many restrictions since there are no individual brackets. This style is more expensive, however, than metal. Because numerous trays are made, it requires that the total cost include all aspects. This does not need to be a deterrent, however, because most dentists have a variety of payment options.

Another alternative is made from ceramic. This style uses a ceramic bracket and wire that more closely matches the natural tooth color. While this products uses the same technology as the metal, the main advantage is that it is less noticeable than the metal. In fact, the ceramic can be tinted to match the patient’s personal enamel. This option is great for people who are self-conscious.

Not all patients are able to use the newest alternatives. In these instances there is an option that gives equal strength without as many parts. Rather than having the bracket the wire, it is now possible to get the two combined as one. The bracket is made with a clip that is used to tighten the tension, rather than needing the wire and rubber bands. This products provides adequate strength while allowing a softer look.

With the number of patients who are informed of their need for braces every year, it can be exciting to know there are different types to choose from. When discussing the plan with the dentist, inquire about the different options to see which type will work best. If dental insurance is involved, call the customer care number to determine benefits and limitations. Then, sit back and prepare to get a gorgeous new smile.

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