How To Make Your Muscle Building Workout More Intense

Many bodybuilders around the world are now faced with the difficulty of getting significant results from their efforts, which would require the strengthening of all applicable muscle fibers after they have been enlisted to work harder.

But what if you find this hard – no problem – then work harder just as your muscles do the same, and everything will follow. This also ensures that workouts remain challenging and continue to engender progress over time thus reducing the likelihood of regression.

But how do you go about intensifying your training? Follow the tips we shall be discussing, as this is the golden path, tried and true, towards a better body and a better you:

Increase resistance

Increasing the weight lifted in meaningful increments ensures the muscle is pushed beyond its previous point of failure thus maintaining the muscle building process. Aim to increase the weight when you reach six to eight reps and failure does not occur.

Throw That Change-Up

A substantial gain can be achieved by exercising all, not some, or even most muscle fibers. You can either change the angle of your bench press, for instance, or do a totally different exercise to this end.

Rest Is For The Weak

Try shortening your resting and recovery time before returning to the workout for added intensity.

What Does Pre-exhaustion Mean?

Your primary muscle is protected from failure by the weakest muscle in the event you are focusing on two muscles or more. Remember, the key phrase here is “work or tire the muscles beyond failure” – to achieve this, tire the primary muscle out first, then use another set of exercises to tire out the entire set to failure.

Supersize (Your Muscles) With Supersets

This involves performing two exercises for the same muscle group without a rest interval. This means you have to utilize different muscle fibers which stimulate greater growth.

Partial Reps Upon Failure

Once you have reached failure, it may be difficult to properly perform a certain exercise without moving a bit awkwardly. Since the goal here is to work beyond the point of failure, you can still do this by doing a partial lift. Those who have been into bodybuilding for some time find this especially practical because they can exercise more intensely without doing so to the point of overexertion and potential injury.

Use isometric contractions

This technique allows you to generate a static contraction in your muscles by keeping the weight steady at the point of failure.

Forcing Repetitions

This involves completing one or more final reps after the point of failure has been reached. You will need the assistance of an experienced helper to attempt this.

These easy to follow and understand tips will help you maximize muscle growth and get even more out of your workout.

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