Top Reasons to Consider Mobility Scooter Insurance

A sudden accident or illness can pry away a person’s sense of life or freedom. That feeling of incapability and low esteem can also affect an aging person over the years. Depression can make matters worse quickly if they are feeling confined in their own home due to drastic difficulties in walking or getting to go outside. Mobility Scooters are designed to be a solution for this challenge amongst our senior citizens. The scooter is an amazing tool to avoid depression and actually restore the fresh vibrant liveliness that people used to see regularly in this person.

The mobility scooter is not just a vehicle for transportation but an essential element to help maintain the quality of life they are used to. The investment in the scooter whether it is $2,000 or $5000 the value of the scooter goes well beyond the dollars and deserves to be insured. If the scooter to lost or stolen, the tragedy would be going without one after being used to it and simultaneously struggling to find the new funds to replace the scooter

As far as we know there are no laws currently on the books to require insurance for these scooters. However, a responsible person would have a program to secure this scooter, especially if it is intended to be used outside of the house. Accidents do happen and it would be wise to not have such an important device at risk.

There are two main parts of this insurance. One part focuses on the vehicle and the other part focuses on the owner or any other people involved

The vehicle section should cover the parts and labor of repairs and if necessary even replace an entire scooter if some how lost or stolen. Repairs can take time and be costly.

A scooter policy can be similar to an automobile policy by accepting responsibility to bring you home safely after the accident. It can also deliver a loaner scooter to you until yours is back to your usage. Be sure to discuss these options with your agent.

Some scooters have identification numbers to be recorded on the insurance policy. If that is not the case with your scooter then you will need to make sure the broker has up to date pictures of the scooter.

Since the mobility scooters are now attributed to smart seniors who just want to get around faster and better, many insurance companies have made policies available to be customized according to your specific needs. Be sure to get an accurate quote with a clear copy of the policy before committing. This will avoid misunderstanding and help assure you are happy with your mobility scooter for many years to come.

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