Top-End Cycling: Carbon Road Bikes

Carbon road bikes are the preferred choice for most professional cyclists such as racers or cycle couriers. Carbon fibre is the manufacturers’ favourite material as well, because of its numerous advantages. Here are some reasons why these bicycles are different.

The material’s weight is significantly lighter than any other’s used to build bicycle frames. The difference can be as great as three times in weight in some special versions compared to other materials of similar strength. This not only makes bikes easy to carry, but it significantly increases their speed as well. In racing, where the slightest difference in speed can completely change a race’s outcome this feature is very important.

As structural parts of the frame are constantly exposed to high strain, it is important that they are strong enough to resist and not break. The extreme rigidity and its ability to withstand the extreme pressure bicycles face especially in professional use makes carbon fibre the perfect building material for frames.

There is also another advantage of these bicycles which is shock absorption. It protects cyclists’ wrists, spinal cord and other joints exposed to constant shaking while riding. The material’s structure absorbs much of the shaking of the bicycle rolling on uneven surfaces.

This material is very malleable. It allows the designer’s imagination soar, but, as a more useful feature, these frames can be built so that they are strong where necessary, while other areas are flexible. Currently there is no other frame material which is rigid and strong in one direction while in another direction it stays flexible. It also allows for aerodynamic frame designs impossible to achieve using metal tubes.

Another advantage compared to metal elements is that this non-metallic composite material does not corrode. Therefore it provides a longer life to the bike and also to its parts, as well as resistance to different weather conditions.

For the ones who cycle on roads with hard surface very often, such as cycle couriers or racers, carbon road bikes are an excellent choice. Even though a much higher price needs to be paid for them, they make an great investment as they have many advantages.

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