Today’s Techniques in Cosmetic Dentistry

New dental materials have now made it eminently viable to carry out the best dental restorations as fast as practical. Dentists can now blend the best of dental materials with inventive strategies to create esthetic grins and attractive restorations that cannot be uncovered with the bare eye. Rather than opting for full crowns or bridges, here are 1 or 2 procedures that you should know about which can enhance your grin significantly with the least amount of dental drilling.

Dental Re-contouring. Not so many patients are aware of dental re-contouring but this process could be one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a better smile. A professional dentist will appraise your grin and evaluate teeth for their structure. Sometimes, one or two overlapped teeth or pointy teeth may be the reason for a different grin. Dentists use sanding disks or fine diamond burs to shape the outer enamel layer of teeth to reform teeth and eliminate such visual mistakes. This process might be mixed with laminates and veneers to create ideal smiles in about two to three office sittings. But please note that re-contouring may not work on smiling you may have to select other procedures dependent on your grin.

Lingual transparent brackets. Orthodontic treatment was previously limited to children and kids. Now the treatment can be done for adults too leading to much improved grins. To prevent the taboo of being seen with metallic braces, adults are provided with brightly coloured, clear, or lingual braces that are all but invisible. There lingual braces are placed on the tongue-side of the tooth and are just as effective as metallic braces. If you would like, you can also select tooth coloured ceramic braces that are mixed with clear plastic wires to form the best smile. But rest assured, even if you're an adult, your teeth can be straightened with braces and clip.

Laminates. Laminates have been around for a long while now. But the latest materials in the market have made this standard process extraordinarily intriguing. As an example, liquid tooth coloured composite material can be used to build a stronger attachment to the tooth structure. On top of the liquid material, a composite-infused material mesh can be employed to provide strength and structure to the laminate. These varieties of laminates can be made in as much as an hour in a single visit at the dentist resulting in an immediately improved smile.

Posts and screws. Not a lot of people are mindful of this but even the root that is stuck in your mouth can be used to build a complete tooth. This is possible if you have broke a tooth or lost a tooth due to cavities. The dentist will appraise the condition of the tooth. You might have lost the crown structure that's normally identifiable in the mouth but roots or foundations of the tooth might be strong and present in the jawbone. Dentists can then do a root canal of the root structure, put in a post or a pin and build up the crown with composite material and then cap it to produce a complete tooth in your mouth. There isn't any need for distressing implant procedures and this process can be done in a month as long as the root is healthy and disease free

For all these procedures, you do require a qualified and well informed cosmetic dental surgeon. Ensure you check accreditation and do have a look at a few before and after pictures of prior patients to reassure yourself about treatment quality.

Ray P. Pope is pleased to share this information with you on behalf of Smile Designs, a full service dental practice of prothodontist dentist Sergio Rauchwerger,DMD serving Wellington, Florida and Royal Palm Beach, FL. In his practice, Dr. Rauchwerger provides full cosmetic services, including caps, TMJ treatment, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, bridges, dentures and much much more.

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