Tips on how to Send Motor vehicles to South Africa

Simple tips to Ship Passenger cars to The southern part of Africa via Durban, South Africa.The generally chosen options for shipping and delivery motor vehicles to South Africa are Roll On Roll Off and Container methods. The RORO process is in most cases much less expensive as opposed to the Container system, However the Container option is safer additionally, the shipper may load personal goods in the Container. Firstly a shipper ought to do is to pick the plan to use.

RORO Ships to South Africa depart from the England, each and every 14 days and takes between Twenty to thirty days to get to Durban, South Africa. The RORO Ships to Durban South Africa can accommodate all kinds of motor vehicles from small automobiles, 4 x 4’s, Pickup trucks, Minibuses, Buses, Trucks, Plant and Agricultural Machines. RORO Ships are good for moving out of gauge cargo, uncontainerised cargo , High and Heavy goods that won’t be well suited for the 20ft and 40ft Containers. Russells Freight ships both used and new cars and trucks to Durban South Africa. Vehicles are driven directly on to the RORO Ship where they are simply strapped and lashed onto the deck. The benefit of utilizing the RORO method is that vans are only charged for the space they occupy on the Ship. Motor vehicles in transit to other Southern African Locations are permitted to be transported via South Africa after they have already been cleared for transportation to Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Malawi on arrival.

Container Shipping to South Africa
Passenger cars, 4X4s, Vans and Mini buses can be shipped to Durban South Africa both in 20ft and 40ft Containers to Durban South Africa. Russells Freight International uses Container Ships to ship Vehicles in Containers to Durban South Africa. When a booking is affirmed Russells Freight International will supply whether 20ft Container or a 40ft Container to the shipper for loading. A 20ft Container can allow for 1 vehicle when a 40ft Container can house between A couple of vehicles according to size. Russells Freight offers motor vehicle container loading service at Felixstowe Port, Suffolk, England. Automobiles being shipped in Containers will have to be properly secured and lashed in order to avoid them from moving and getting destroyed while in transit. Superb caution is very important when loading and lashing vehicles inside the Container. Container Ships to Durban South Africa normally requires 24 – Thirty-one days to arrive at Durban South Africa.

On planned arrival in South Africa, Vehicles on RORO and inside the containers have to be cleared thru South African Customs. Automobiles in transportation to Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi are certainly not permitted to be driven on South African Highways. Soon after clearance, the vehicles will be required to be loaded and moved on a Automobile Carrier. Russells Freight advises pre-clearing the cars and trucks being shipped to Durban, South Africa to be able to avoid fees and penalties and storage costs prior to the Vessel arriving at Durban, South Africa.

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