Things No One Told You About Choosing A Financial Mentor

Mentor (n): A wise or trusted advisor or guide.

Everyone has or has had a mentor in their lives. They could be our parents, friends, spouse, or partner in life or business. These gurus are there for us to answer questions, solve some of life’s perplexing mysteries and show us the right path to take to meet our goals.

As we mature so does our need for a mentor. This mentor changes characteristics from the one who teaches us how to walk, talk and dress to one who shows us the way to make our career dreams come true. They morph into the guru that can teach us how to live the kind of life we want to live. Our mentor then becomes a person who can lead us to a secure financial future.

The World is Rife with Financial Mentors

Throughout the year on several occasions I find myself within my network of freelancers who have said farewell to the corporate world. It is always amazing to me how many of these former corporate employees have directed their focus on helping people turn their earnings into a sound financial future.

The fact is there are a bunch of financial advisors out there yours for the taking. They are everywhere: On the net, the phone book even knocking on your door. They’ll even corner you on the street if you are walking slowly enough.

Just because they say they’re financial mentors, however, doesn’t mean they have the know-how or the practical experience to help you.

The fact is that anyone nowadays can call themselves a financial mentor, or consultant or advisor or whatever. There was a time when a person could only claim the title of financial consultant if they had a solid background of knowledge and experience. Now anyone can add financial consultant to the end of their name and become an instant financial advisor.

Selecting the Right Financial Mentor for your Needs

You may have already come to the conclusion that the consultant advising the Fortune 500 CEO in the building next to you may not be the right mentor for you. That financial person is so geared to dealing with people in such a different investment league than your own, he will not have the background best suited to your financial needs.

You want to get yourself a financial advisor who is willing, able and experienced with individuals in your situation. A person beginning his career that need a firm, experienced guiding hand from one who has been down that road himself. An advisor who has far more than book learning on how to take you from where you are to where you want to go.

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