Tips For Using Lavender Oil For Thrush Medicines

Many people now use herbal remedies such as lavender oil for thrush and other fungal or skin conditions. Used widely in perfume and herbal health products, lavender oil possess effective anti-fungal and ant-septic qualities which make it an invaluable part of a household medicine cabinet. The plant’s oil also possesses mild sedative qualities, and has been used by many as an aid for coping with insomnia.

Thrush is a fungal infection caused by a yeast known as candida. This lives in moist areas of the body like the mouth, genitals and armpits, and is usually carried by most people with no ill effects. An imbalance in the body’s immune system though can mean that an infection occurs as the body’s immune system fails to cope with existence of the yeast in its normal way.

Many lifestyle factors can cause the imbalance which leads to infection, such as stress or a lack of adequate rest. Smoking and drinking alcohol also have a negative effect on the immune system. Often people who have had to undergo an intensive course of antibiotics often fall prey to fungal infections too.

The condition can occur in a number of different parts of the body, though it often manifests itself in the genitals and the mouth of sufferers. New mothers can be especially vulnerable to the condition, especially if they are breastfeeding their infant. Breastfeeding can cause soreness of the nipples which is often a result of the minor injuries which can be sustained when a child is suckling.

New mothers are often particularly keen to avoid any products which may have side effects, especially those which could affect their child as well. Other kinds of people who are affected by thrush may not been keen on chemically based products for their own reasons. Lavender oil can function as an effective substitute for more conventional medications.

The substance contains agents which have been proved lethal to many dermatophytes, which cause infections and feed on the keratin in hair and nails. Its effectiveness has also been shown with regard to various strains of candida. Applying it in a diluted topical solution to the effected area on a regular basis can see a considerable alleviation of the condition in many sufferers.

One other way of using lavender oil for thrush treatment is to put ten to fifteen drops of a preparation containing it into a warm bath. While the anti-fungal properties of the oil have been proved, different individuals respond differently to substances. That is why professional advice should always be sought before any kind of treatment is undergone.

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