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Ebooks or electronic books are getting more and more well-liked in comparison with normal paper books every month. In 2010, Amazon sold more ebooks than traditional books for the first time ever. It is likely that this tendency will continue, because ebooks are much cheaper than printed books. Not only that but it is easier to download a book in moments than go to a book stare.

Traditionally, ie since the Internet began, individuals read ebooks on their desktop or laptop computer. In ‘those days’, most ebooks were promotional things, offering just limited information as a tempter to go to the author’s web site in order to boost sales. In other words, most ebooks were just adverts to attract a potential client.

That situation still goes on, but increasingly, ebooks are stand-alone things of value without any advertising or any links back to a website, because they are complete things in themselves – like any regular book you would purchase in a shop. But they are cheaper and more readily accessible.

A different very attractive aspect of ebooks for authors is that it is easier to be up and running – selling your books. If you have ever tried to have a book published, you will know that it can become – and normally is – a very long, drawn-out process involving long periods of waiting and nail-biting.

For instance, it is rumoured that it took the writer the book ‘Virgin Soldiers’ 21 years to find a publisher, yet it became a successful film too. The same, to a lesser extent is true of the Harry Potter books.

If books of that calibre had problems, what chance do you think that you have? I have read that approximately one manuscript in ten thousand appears on the book shelves. Would odds like that encourage new writers? No. So how many decent authors are falling by the wayside? Quite a lot, so it would seem.

Another plus point for online ebook publishing is the fact that writers on small niche topics, get the chance to spread their expertise and make some money too. The fact is that publishing a book in the conventional manner is so expensive that the topic of the book has to be very popular or the book will become too costly to sell.

This is not an issue for ebooks. If you are interested in, say, German teddy bears from 1950-1955, you can publish your book as an ebook whenever you like for the same cost as a high interest topic like, say, the Death of Princess Diana – almost at zero cost.

This situation will only improve as more and more businesses bring out low-cost ebook readers and more and more companies are prepared to host, market and sell your ebook for a percentage.

For example, Amazon will handle the sales and distribution of your ebook for 30% of the cost of your book, which you may set yourself. This empowers authors who would never have got their books to market in any other way.

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